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March 5, 2010

Matt Every


Q. Can you take us through your round?
MATT EVERY: 11, good birdie, maybe about a 10-footer.
13, I made about a 10-footer.
17, I made about a 10-footer.
2, I missed like a 3-footer there for birdie. And the next hole I laid up to the bunker and made a good birdie.
Then the hole I bogeyed,6, I hit it -- it was the best iron shot of the day. I thought it was perfect and then it came up in the bunker and it was an easy shot but my bunker game sucks right now. So no easy bunker shots for me right now.

Q. What did it mean for you to finish up with a birdie?
MATT EVERY: For me it was good. Obviously I wanted to try and pick up a shot anywhere I can.

Q. Long underwear top on.
MATT EVERY: Yeah, you like that? Keeping it classy. (Laughter).

Q. What's the key being a rookie out here --
MATT EVERY: I don't know, I wouldn't really consider myself -- I'm a rookie as in like I haven't seen a lot of these courses, but I've played two years of pretty competitive professional golf on the Nationwide Tour, travelling; I know how to travel. I know where to stay.

Q. Have you played the course before?
MATT EVERY: No, I haven't. I actually played the back nine Tuesday night and then the Pro-Am.

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