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March 4, 2010

J.T. Durley

Clevin Hannah

Gregg Marshall

Toure' Murry


THE MODERATOR: The No. 2 seed, Wichita State Shockers are with us. We'll have Coach Marshall open up with a statement for his team. Gregg, please?
COACH MARSHALL: I'm excited about our chances. I'm excited about this team. I've enjoyed coaching them all year. I like their potential and their abilities. And the last three games we've played really well, so for the most part, all season long with a few exceptions. So we're excited and looking forward to tomorrow night.

Q. Regardless of what happens here this week, do you feel that you've built a strong enough resume at this point to be worthy of an NCAA Tournament bid?
J.T. DURLEY: In my heart I feel we can play in a NCAA Tournament. We can play with any team in the country and have a chance to win. That being said, our RPI dropped, and that's what's going to hurt us. And I don't think realistically we'll get one.
TOURE' MURRY: Yeah, we lost a couple of tough games on the road, so it hurt our chances big time. Like J.T. said, realistically, I don't think we have a chance unless we win this tournament.
CLEVIN HANNAH: I feel the same way these two guys do. But like J.T. said, I think we can compete in the NCAA Tournament and do pretty good, I think. But I think the tough losses that we've had on the road and in the conference I think it wouldn't get an at-large bid.

Q. Gregg, are you going to stick with J.T. and Garrett in the starting lineup?
COACH MARSHALL: I don't know. Depends on who we play and the matchups.

Q. Gabe, has he been practicing and is he going to be ready to go?
COACH MARSHALL: He practiced yesterday. Not 100%, but he looked good in what he did. But day-to-day, it's a weird injury and we will continue to monitor him.
He's getting a lot of treatment. Three days in a row is certainly going to be a factor. We're fortunate enough to do that. But we've got to win tomorrow night to get to Saturday.

Q. The last three days what have you been focused on besides coming into the tournament? Has this rest period given you time to reboot getting ready for this tournament and getting ready for it?
TOURE' MURRY: For the guys that are injured right now, it gives them time to get rest and for the team we get ready to regroup. We take a new chapter on the season. We take the momentum into the tournament like we're doing now.
J.T. DURLEY: Yeah, definitely we have everybody banged up. Couple of guys banged up. So we'll just get them time to get better through these three days. And regroup like you say, and recommit ourselves because of what we did in the past because in the regular season it doesn't matter. We're just trying to focus on what we've got to do to be playing on Sunday.
CLEVIN HANNAH: I believe it's going to help us in a long run. In playing one less game can make a big difference on your body especially late in the season.

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