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February 27, 2010

Paul Hanley


S. ASPELIN, P. HANLEY/L. Dlouhy, L. Paes
6-2, 6-3

Q. Well, it must be nice to win your first ATP World Tour title of the year?
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, no, absolutely, you know. We had a good week the other week in Rotterdam making the final. So, yeah, to go one better the next final we play. It's really important to keep the momentum going.
I'm really happy with the start we've had for the year.

Q. You beat a good team in Dlouhy and Paes, the Grand Slam champions. How much confidence does that give you and what does it say about your performance here this week?
PAUL HANLEY: Yeah, you know, the whole tournament, the field was extremely strong and you have to come out on top. It was a great feeling, you know. Not just in the final, but all our matches we played really well and had to. And, no, it's nice to get over the line.

Q. A final and a title already in 2010. Is there a feeling that you can take this season and maybe qualify in London? Is that what your aim will be now?
PAUL HANLEY: Definitely. That was our goal last year, and unfortunately that didn't happen. So me and Simon said let's play again this year, and that was our number one goal to make the Masters.
We're doing the right things and hiring the right people, and trying to get help. Last year we didn't have much help. So we're a bit stranded, I guess you could say. Or in a bit of a rut because of no one helping us, and no one was really telling us or putting in -- but, you know, so, yeah, this year we thought we needed a lot more help.
So had a few guys like Johan Lansberg, Wayne Arthurs, Ashley Fisher's coming to help us over the Indian Wells, Miami period, so it's going well.

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