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February 27, 2010

Lukas Dlouchy

Leander Paes


S. ASPELIN, P. HANLEY/L. Dlouhy, L. Paes
6-2, 6-3

Q. So can tell me about the match?
LEANDER PAES: Didn't play our best tennis today. Just felt that we got off to a bad start again. The last three days I've started off really poor. I lost my first service game today, yesterday and the previous day.
Once you get off to a bad start, it's a drawback. Yesterday we did really well. I thought Lukas played fantastically well yesterday to get us back into the match to eventually win it.
I felt I played two good points yesterday in the last two points of the match. But he held the team together yesterday brilliantly.
Today just lost to a better team. They played solid. They're good doubles player, so they read the game of doubles well. They cover the spots well. Today we didn't get enough balls on court. We didn't get enough returns on court, didn't get enough volleys on court. Just lost to a better team today.

Q. So disappointing to come to the final and not winning?
LUKAS DLOUHY: Well, it's always disappointing, because if you are in the final you want to win the title. But today it was a very bad match from our side, so I think yesterday we won a tough one. So we are happy to be in the final, and hopefully next time we can do better.
LEANDER PAES: This room's really sad. Let's pick it up. We're in the finals still. It's fine. It's okay (laughing).

Q. You had a good week, nevertheless. And next week is the Davis Cup tie against Russia. So you're underdogs playing really?
LEANDER PAES: I had a really good week this week. I came into the week a bit concerned how it would go. But if you had told me in the beginning of the week that we'd go to the final and we didn't win the final, I would have taken it.
On saying that, you know, next week's another week. We go to play Davis Cup. But Russia's a tough team. I don't know if Davydenko's going to play or not. Doesn't really matter because they have so much depth on their team. They can play with anybody.
But also Lukas and myself have gotten off to a good start this year. We got to the finals in Brisbane, quarters Aussie Open and finals here in Dubai. So it's a good start, and now we just need to pick it up and replicate what we did last year, which is win a few Grand Slams. We have to play a little better than we did today.

Q. So what will be your next tournament?
LEANDER PAES: Palm Springs. We play in Indian Wells and then Miami. Indian Wells, Miami, and then the whole clay court.

Q. Davis Cup?
LEANDER PAES: Davis Cup, fun. Looking forward to it. Had a really good week this week, as we just said, and played some good tennis. Russia's a tough team. They've got so many guys to choose from whether Davydenko goes or doesn't go. They've got so many guys to choose from. So we have to be on our game.
It's wonderful to be in the world group, and I think we can do well. So we've just got to take it one day at a time.

Q. Somdev Devvarman had a good round in Dubai. Do you think he'll carry on the form?
LEANDER PAES: Yes, I think so. Somdev's improving every day. I've been following him closely. So improving every day. Russian title will be a tough outing for him also. So the Russians know that he's the number one guy in singles. So they're really going to go after him, so he has to be ready for that. It's going to be a very tough time for him.

Q. Might be a little early, but do you think there will be some sort of a plan going into Davis Cup?
LEANDER PAES: From us? I'm not going to tell you our plans. You'll write about it (laughing). Thanks, guys.

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