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February 27, 2010

Lee Janzen


Q. I know it's not necessarily the way you wanted to finish, but I'm sure you're glad you finished before the big winds got here.
LEE JANZEN: Right, looking at the forecast, I knew -- well, we expected the wind to pick up at some point, and when it did finally pick up we were on 16. So I thought that was good news for us that we were going to be finished pretty soon. We only had two more holes into the wind, which I didn't play so well, and then when we got downwind I didn't play so well.

Q. Tell me about this golf course overall. When you get here, there's no wind. Tell me about your front nine. Were you able to be aggressive?
LEE JANZEN: Well, we know in the past people have shot 60. It doesn't necessarily mean the weather has to be perfect for guys to shoot a low score. I know Steve Jones -- the course was set up very difficult and he shot very low, and when Calcavecchia won, the weather was terrible. The birdies are always there, it doesn't really matter what kind of day it is.
We didn't make very many birdies on the front nine. But 13 through 17 there's a lot of excitement that can happen one way or the other. No matter how your round is going, you can always turn it around right there.

Q. 16th hole, tell me how that crowd was when you got there.
LEE JANZEN: I saw a lot of Viking fans there, but I didn't get any love. That's okay. I missed the green with a wedge, they gave me a little boo, and that's okay. That's the rule, if you miss the green you get booed; so if that's the rule, that's fine. I made the putt, though, so that doesn't matter.

Q. How cool is it to see your name up there on the leaderboard going into Sunday?
LEE JANZEN: It's definitely exciting. Yesterday I started off with a couple bogeys, so it was really a struggle to get my game going to make the cut at one point, and then today I was over par through seven holes or eight holes, but I really felt patient and I just hung in there and I thought if I made a few birdies coming in I'd still be okay. I just had a good finish, I guess three birdies and an eagle and a bogey, but still, 5-under par the last 11 holes is good. I'm certainly moving forward, and I feel like I have a pretty good chance for tomorrow if I shoot a good score. I've got a shot.

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