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February 26, 2010

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN: Angela, thanks for coming in, you're in a tie forked lead after 36 holes with Song-Hee Kim. If you could, just tell us how your day went.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I felt like I played the front nine really well and the back nine, not so well.
So I don't know, I guess it could be a combination of things, but it was a completely different wind on the back side, literally switched as I got to 10 tee.
So, I don't know. I just made a couple of bad decisions, and 14 is hard. That back pin is tough for me. As high as I try to hit it, I can't stop it back there. I just made a couple of bad decisions, bad chips, and didn't make some putts that I should have on the back side.
MIKE SCANLAN: Are you disappointed in your finish, or are you looking forward to tomorrow and righting the ship?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm disappointed. My caddie made the comment that it's only Friday, but like I said yesterday, these girls are so good that if you have the opportunity to create some space, you should.
So I feel like I missed that opportunity today. But you know, obviously it was tough coming down the stretch for everybody, so just happy to be learning.

Q. You said yesterday you got lucky; do you feel the same way again today?
ANGELA STANFORD: Not on the back side. It finally caught up with me. I felt like I had some better swing shots today. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a lot better today. The ball wasn't moving as much from right-to-left, so it was a little better today.

Q. Can you tell what you feel about Juli Inkster being so good at 49 and what's it like having her at your heels?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I'm trying to talk her into playing through the next Solheim Cup. When we walked out of the party the other night, she was just kind of -- I'm like, "Come on Jules, play through the Solheim Cup," and she's kind of shaking had head and I'm like, I'm just going to pray about it and God is going to do His deal. Every time I see her name on the board, I'm like, she's probably just shaking her head.
I would love to see it. And I have always said Juli is the most competitive person I've ever met in my life. Granted I've never met Tiger, but Juli is by far the most competitive human I've ever met. So it doesn't surprise me that she is one of the ones on top of the leaderboard and it's great to see I think because people love her.

Q. Can you take us through your 18th today? The 18th hole tripped up a lot of people the last few groups.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, off the tee, it was blowing left-to-right and you have to really kind of bomb it but you can't miss it left.
So you have to kind of keep it up the right side and then that second shot, obviously you don't want to miss left. So you know, I thought my target was perfect, and then I still bailed right. If you miss it any right and the wind is blowing left-to-right and into you, then it's really going to blow if over there.
As easy as that chip looks, you're kind of into the grain, and then it goes down the hill with the grain, so it's like you've got to hit it hard enough to get it to a certain point, but then you can't hit it too hard. So that pin placement I think is always real tough. And then you would think it would help having the wind but it didn't. I think it played longer today and that pin placement is just tricky.

Q. Inaudible.
ANGELA STANFORD: I noticed coming up 18 that a lot of people had struggled down the stretch. I just feel like I survived today. I thought I was playing really well and then ended up thinking, I'm just happy to survive.

Q. Are you surprised at how Lorena did today?
ANGELA STANFORD: I thought it was a mistake. I looked up on the board and I'm like, do they have that right up there? Her and Webby. I didn't know if it was a mistake and they just got the numbers wrong, but apparently it's not. You know, one, it just shows how tough that hole is, but anything can happen out here, and I know I'm sure Lorena is upset about it, and she'll be back this weekend.

Q. What's your strategy for the next two days? Are you going to change anything?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think the key for me is just try to hit the golf shot, not -- you know, people probably say one shot the a time. For me I have to think about am I trying to move it left-to-right; am I trying to move it right-to-left. I need to get lost in trying to hit the golf shot I'm trying to hit. And then putts, I think I got ahead of myself there in the back and kind of started thinking and I got outside of myself; instead of just hit the putt, what kind of putt are you trying to hit, where are you trying to hit it. I need to get back to that, and there's still 36 holes and we are all kind of bunched together. So anybody's ballgame.

Q. How did the wind compare to yesterday?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, when it started blowing yesterday late in our round, and then again today, I haven't felt it blow that hard around here, and it's coming from kind of an odd angle. I mean, it wasn't directly downwind or into you on 16. It was kind of into, but usually this course is very consistent with how the wind blows. Certain holes, you're definitely downwind or into the wind, and this year, it's weird because it's blowing a little bit harder and it's going a different direction. I think that's some of it.

Q. Did the wind affect --
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I mean, the wind doesn't really bother me. I think as a player, you know, and I struggle with this; I think I got caught a little off-guard today, because it did kind of pick up and it did kind of shift. I mean, the shot I hit on 12 just completely ballooned. I wasn't prepared for that and I wasn't thinking about it. So I think I just got caught off-guard today, so that was more of a mental mistake than swing.

Q. Today's round, how are you feeling, you could have been sitting here leading at the end of the day --
ANGELA STANFORD: As terrified as I seem to be sometimes in my golf swing, I have good vibes about the golf course and about being here. So a lot of it is I'm just excited every day to play this golf course. I think it's a lot of fun to play. It gives you opportunities. But it's also challenging, so you have to hit good shots. But I love playing this golf course. So that might be some of it.

Q. Are what your plans between now and tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, we have the famous caddie party tonight, so, you know, they are going to hand out caddie awards, so pretty excited about that. I'll probably go to that and get into bed early, as early as possible, and go at it again tomorrow.

Q. Inaudible.
ANGELA STANFORD: Maybe a little. But if any golfer tells you they don't expect to make a bogey or two during a tournament, they are lying. It's impossible, I believe. You're going to make mistakes and when the course gets as tough as it is -- so really, you're just -- one of my old instructors said it's who misses it the best, and I missed it in very bad spots coming down the stretch.
It played on me maybe a touch, but then you just kind of let it go and keep playing.

Q. What do you see yourself doing at 49 as Inkster did, and how impressed are you with the fact that she can do this two weeks in a row?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I'm very impressed because I never see her working out. I don't know if she's doing it like in the mornings when nobody sees her, I don't know. I think some of it is just that competitive nature she has.
I know a lot of people -- yeah, it's hot out there and I think that the heat is affecting me a little bit. But when you're in the moment, you forget about all that. I think that's some of it. I think she wants to beat everybody so bad that, you know, that's some of it, and I think she just doesn't realise that it's 110 and she's 49. And at 49, I hope to be sitting in my rocking chair in Texas.

Q. Have you worked out since you've been here?
ANGELA STANFORD: Today I woke up and did a little bit of a workout. You know, over here, I'm just kind of playing it by how my body feels. I'm not -- I would love to get up and work out a little bit tomorrow morning, but I don't think you can push yourself when you know the days are long and hot out here.
So depending on the tee time, I might get up and do a little bit of cardio just to get going. Breakfast with PureSport, and that's it.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks so much for coming in.

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