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February 25, 2010

Cristie Kerr


MIKE SCANLAN: Let's go through your birdies and bogeys for me.
CRISTIE KERR: First hole, I actually hit the wrong club into the green. We thought the wind was hurting more than it was, and there was no wind when we got up to the green. And I hit a 5-iron and just carried the pin and was actually a great swing and a great chip and hit the putt where I wanted to. Didn't go in; okay, fine.
Second hole, didn't hit a good sand wedge. Actually a great up-and-down for par there.
Third hole, I kind of pulled a 7-iron left of the green and hit a bad chip, which surprised me actually. Made bogey there.
And then from 4 on, I actually played great. Almost birdied 4.
I birdied 7. I hit a 7-iron to like a foot and a half.
9, I should have birdied; but shoulda, coulda in golf, that's the way it goes.
And on 10, a great up-and-down for par.
11 and 12 were great birdie chances. Just wasn't hitting the putts solidly and I kind of figured something out with my setup and the putts started pouring in.
Coming in on 13, I hit a sand wedge and made about a 10-footer.
On 14, I hit 7-iron to about 12 feet, made that.
15, I hit 9-iron to about six feet and made that.
16, I actually drove it on the green, and I think I had about 35 feet for eagle, and I don't know how it missed, actually. It just barely lipped-out and I tapped it in from about two feet.
17 was actually a great par. It was a very awkward lie over in the right bunker.
18, a beautiful 7-iron up there about ten feet under the hole and made that one. So it was definitely more fun on the back nine than it was the start.
MIKE SCANLAN: I was going to say, what was it exactly that changed in your game today?
CRISTIE KERR: I think I was trying a little too hard on the first couple of holes. I tend to do that. I guess it's better than being the other way, not trying at all, but sometimes the result is the same. It was just kind of a little tight, you know, starting the round.
And I just kind of loosened up and I said, you know what, I'm playing great, there are a lot of birdie opportunities on the course if you're playing good, so I just kind of relaxed and it just started happening. That's what I've been working really hard the last year on is not trying too hard.

Q. What was the putting change?
CRISTIE KERR: I think that I needed to get my eyes over the ball a little bit more. Sometimes I tend to be a little bit on my heels and it kind of messes up my balance.
You know, so starting on -- I hit a great 5-iron on 11 to about ten feet and I didn't hit a good putt and then I just said to myself, well, usually when I'm not hitting good putts, it's because it's something setup related, but usually not because of my stroke.
So I just kind of said, well, feels like a little bit unbalanced, like not enough balance. So I just tried to get a little bit more over the ball with my eyes, and you know, that really made me rock solid coming in.
MIKE SCANLAN: We did talk about this last night, but Rosie Jones was named Solheim Cup captain. Obviously in the great scheme of things, kind of a long way away, but really it's not, it's less than two years. Can you just talk about how exciting it is?
CRISTIE KERR: God, it's going to be here like that. It's very exciting. Rosie was my first Solheim Cup partner ever, my first match, my first Solheim Cup at Interlachen, and I was so nervous. I was hitting it a club further with my irons than I normally did; I was panting on the golf course, like she was really the one that kind of taught me, you know, she used some humour and said, "Rookie, calm down." That's the way Rosie is. She got me to calm down, and I played great with her in that match and I think we ended up winning. I played Laura Davies almost every match in the Solheim Cup, so I'm fairly certain it was against her and somebody else.
Those are really good memories for me, and you know, she's got more guts, more heart and more soul than 99 per cent of the people that are even out here today. She never hit it really long. She was a great short game and great putter. You know, deadly with those little fairway woods. And she used every ounce of what she had, and she's not really playing much anymore and I'm just really happy to see her get the captain seat, if that's the word.

Q. The leaderboard is so tied up, so many players at 4-under, what's your state of mind now the next few days?
CRISTIE KERR: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I know it's kind of boring to say that, but you know, the more boring you can be in golf, hit it down the fairway and make putts, the better off you'll be. I said since last year, if I go out and take care of my job, which is my routine, not really thinking when I'm actually executing the shots and doing those small things really well, my shots will land in their dispersion pattern that they have, a little right, a little left; you are not going to be perfect every tile. It's when I try to be too perfect that shots don't turn out the way I want so I'm just going to try to keep doing that, because it's working.

Q. How are you doing with the heat?
CRISTIE KERR: No, I think after last week I'm kind of getting used to odd to it. But I'm from Florida; I'm from Miami, Florida originally. It's hot and humid. It's hotter here, but you just do the best you can. I have a little electrolyte, little things I put in my water. I thought I had my sun umbrella today but I actually have my rain umbrella, messed that up.
But my shirt is soaked. I didn't really been working out too much these last couple of weeks, just because I don't want to wear myself out for the golf. I'm going to be home for three weeks after. So I figure I can try and get in a little better shape when I get home. It's hard to do in the heat because you wear yourself out. It's just hard as the week goes on.

Q. You mentioned your change in putting style, is it important as the game is going around to make that change --
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I don't know if it's on that dramatic level, but there's different feels that work for me at some times and not other times. There are always things that are changing in golf. So you have to change with them.
I'm a pretty good student of the game and of my own swing and short game, and when I do something, I like to know about it 150 per cent, because if something is not going right, you've got to be able to fix it on the course.
MIKE SCANLAN: All right, Cristie, thanks so much and congratulations on a great round.

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