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February 25, 2010

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN: If you could start by going over your round, some holes that worked, some that didn't, and overall how you feel you played.
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm kind of surprised to be sitting here honestly, because I don't feel like my golf swing is where it needs to be. You know, I think I got away with quite a bit today, and I think sometimes when I know that I'm not hitting it the way I need to, I play more conservative.
So, you know, I'm happy with par. I think it changes my attitude. So I think that was part of it. I think I was happy to just kind of start. I started the first six holes, all pars the first six holes. Just settling in and being happy with par I think helped.
MIKE SCANLAN: What is it exactly, or do you not know what you think may be wrong with your game right now?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think all of the players here will tell you, you know, you can get away with certain golf swings, and I was getting away with it today. But that doesn't mean that later in the week under pressure, that same golf swing is going to hold up.
That's why I think my attitude has something to do with it and just being so relaxed, being the first day. But I think as the week goes on and you feel like you need to make more birdies and be more precise -- that's why I'm a little uncomfortable with it.

Q. Can you explain the --
ANGELA STANFORD: Sure, well, first off, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last June. Val Skinner at the Val Skinner Foundation basically put a group of us together, Nicole Castrale, Brittany Lincicome and Beth Bader, and basically it's a patient advocate kind of deal. We are not promoting any product, per se, but if you're familiar, basically we are promoting the veins and the health of the patient and giving the patient options. So my mother's experience, I fit perfectly, because she has small veins, and I watched them with the chemotherapy, I watched her, they must have put like -- they must have tried ten or 11 times the first time before it went in correctly. I think it's just patient care and being an advocate for cancer patients and letting them know that they have an option that instead of taking chemo always through their veins.

Q. So if you're not entirely satisfied with your swing right now, that means you'll go to the range to work on something, or exactly what?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, you know, I think my ball flight today, there was quite a bit right-to-left. That means there's not much spin on the ball.
So I need to really -- my ball is moving right-to-left; that usually leads to trouble. So we are going to go to the range and try to -- I've been searching for a swing thought since I got here and I just can't -- I'm struggling with things that my instructor wants me to do. And right now, the club head is just way behind me. I can't seem to get it out in front of me and I'll need more speed down the line. Like I said, I got away with it a lot today.

Q. What was it that got you around --
ANGELA STANFORD: I think my putting saved the round. I'll give you an example No. 2. No. 1, I missed it long left, but you're chipping right uphill at it. 2, I was aware that the water is right, my miss is left right now, so the same over it, and hit a little more club. So there are ways to kind of maneuver around the golf course and not put yourself at high risk.
So I wasn't taking high-risk shots, but I think that's why I got away with it and was giving myself chances for birdie, and putting really well.

Q. There's a bunch of you guys under par at the moment, a huge cluster, do you think this will continue for the rest of the week? Do you think the greens will firm up?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, these girls are good. You can't let your guard down and you have to continue to make birdies and improve. Last week, Suzann played awesome, and Ai shoots 63 the last day. Anybody is capable any given day and that's what makes it so much fun.
But course-wise, I think if the greens do firm up and speed up, I think that's the -- I felt like the greens were slower. They weren't rolling as quick as maybe they have last year. But I think if they speed up and maybe firm up, and if the wind blows like it did at my last four holes, it's going to get tough.
I kind of thought out there, this is the hardest I think it's blown being on this golf course. So if the wind kicks up and the greens get faster, then I think maybe the scores won't be as low.

Q. Can you comment on Rosie Jones' selection as captain, your initial reaction to that?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think people expect an assistant captain to follow. A lot of us thought Meg would do it next. I haven't talked to Meg, but I just thought that's the way it goes. I think Rosie is awesome. I think she's fiery. She has a lot of spunk and she's going to be a great captain over there.
I think you need somebody that is very focused and very determined, and I was fortunate enough to get to play a few years with her on Tour and she's like a bulldog. She's just always right there and you just can't get rid of her. So I think you need that type of personality to be a captain across the pond. So I think she's great, and you never know, Meg may show up to play on the team.
I think that would be pretty cool to have Rosie as captain and then Juli and Meg show up and play. I think it's a great pick.

Q. How does that alter your mental approach --
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think I'd better start hitting it better or I'm not going to be sitting here tomorrow.
You know, I think I just put myself in good position going in, so I think every day you've just got to keep climbing. I've always thought if I shoot even or over, I have more to climb the second and third and the fourth day. You just have to chip away at it and today was a good piece of that.
MIKE SCANLAN: Thanks for coming in.

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