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February 23, 2010

Shanshan Feng

Joey Poh


LORNA CAMPBELL: Thank you very much, how did you find the course out there?
SHANSHAN FENG: Because I've been here last year, so it's my second time last year, and I really did not have enough preparation. So I feel like I'm so ready, so I'm going to practice a little more tomorrow on the practice range and practice green and just trying to get more used to the speed of the greens here.
LORNA CAMPBELL: Is it quite different from what you played on last year? Just give us a couple of details about the course.
SHANSHAN FENG: For me the yardages are still the same, but I think greens are a lot firmer. So it's harder for us to get the ball close to the hole. It also depends on how the pins are going to be. I think it's going to be windy this week, so I think it's still pretty tough conditions.
LORNA CAMPBELL: And of course you are playing with Joey, who is our local qualifier, how did you think she went out there and what are your thoughts.
SHANSHAN FENG: I asked her on the second hole, I asked her how old she was. Actually I thought she was like around 20 because she acted like so mature, but she said she was just turning 17, so I was so surprised at how she was doing.
Like I didn't feel anything like she was a junior and competing with all of the top players in the world. She was acting like she was free, like she was really enjoying it, to play with all of us.
LORNA CAMPBELL: How important do you think it is for some of the younger players in Singapore to get the chance to play with you and for them to develop as players? What does this event do for different players like Joey?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think it's really, really important, because when I was a junior, I didn't have any chances to play any LPGA tournaments. But I have played some European tournaments and Japanese, so I was always like dreaming that if I could play some American LPGA Tour tournaments. So should be niece having this chance to play with all of the top pro players from all over the world, and then I'm sure she can learn a lot from everyone here. She can learn a lot of things, maybe not only about golf but besides golf, too.
LORNA CAMPBELL: Back on your game, what are your expectations and goals for this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: For me, because it's the first tournament for me for the season, so I will say Top-10.
LORNA CAMPBELL: How do you feel the course played today? It's really hot isn't it?
JOEY POH: The wind this year and last year -- the greens are a lot faster than last year.
LORNA CAMPBELL: How do you adapt and what have you been practicing and working on for the last two weeks?
JOEY POH: I've been working on how to get the ball on the green -- not bounce the ball so much. Sometimes the ball doesn't roll as well.
LORNA CAMPBELL: You were playing with Shanshan today, who also played last year, what tips did you learn from her today?
JOEY POH: I've learned around the greens, to focus on how to line the ball; and to check for breaks, on the greens it's important to check out the green and how it rolls.
LORNA CAMPBELL: So learning from your experience last year, your first time in the HSBC Women's Champions, what do you do this week, what do you do the same, and what do you differently and what are your expectations?
JOEY POH: I think this year I'm more confident.
LORNA CAMPBELL: What are you looking to achieve? Have you set yourself a particular target or a score?
SHANSHAN FENG: My target is to play steady every around and my best.
LORNA CAMPBELL: Having played with some of the best players last year including Catriona and Laura, who is your dream pairing in the field this year?
JOEY POH: I haven't thought about that.
LORNA CAMPBELL: Anyone in particular you haven't played with yet?
SHANSHAN FENG: May I say one more thing please? Just like you said, it was really important for Joey to have a chance to play in this tournament. And I think why we are having chances to play here is because the HSBC stands so much for their junior golf and the pro golf, like all over the world.
So I think we have to thank them, and if just for my personal, like why I got in is also because the China Golf Association helped, and of course, HSBC helped and they gave me the chance to be here, because if not I wouldn't have the chance to be here and competing with the others.
I think just like this, and more and more sponsors like HSBC, they can have more to women and give more chances to the juniors, then I'm sure golf will grow faster.

Q. You have such a big talent and enthusiasm and passion, how does it feel --
SHANSHAN FENG: Because for me, I mean, I was a junior, and so now I'm 20, so like three years ago, I was still a junior.
So I really know what they feel right now, because I know it's Joey's like second time to play here, it's not her first time, so maybe she's not as nervous last year. But I'm sure she is still pretty nervous.
When I was playing the first British Open, I was nervous and when I was playing in the SBS tournament, that was my first tournament after I turned pro, I didn't feel anything when I was on the tee box.
So like the others, they ask me, how did you feel when you were up there and I say, I have no idea because I didn't, like my soul was out of my body, I couldn't feel anything. I was like so nervous. But I mean, nerves can sometimes like make you like play better, and sometimes also can make you play worse.
So I think for juniors, what they need to learn is they just need to learn how to let the nerves to make you play better.

Q. You played a practice round with Yani Tseng, how did it feel having someone close to where are you from to play with?
JOEY POH: Having that experience and see how she works around the course and able to focus.

Q. Is it encouraging to know her success--
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes and I think one of the reasons is because we all speak Mandarin so actually the only people that couldn't speak Mandarin was our caddie. So we were having like a lot of fun times but I don't know about the caddie.

Q. (Speaking In Chinese).
SHANSHAN FENG: Sorry when I looked at you, I didn't expect you speak Chinese, like that was French or something else, sorry.

Q. (Inaudible.).
SHANSHAN FENG: I think maybe just to try to get more juniors to play, because you know, how do you say, because I think golf is still really expensive in China.
So I hope it will be like more and more public courses, and yeah, like to make it a little less expensive and can let more people to play, because China, you know, the population is huge, so if more people play, I'm sure there will be some of the -- more Tigers -- yeah, that's the truth. Like now, it's getting more and more popular. I think, yeah, China is going to be big.

Q. Inaudible.
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah, they are really good, they are. I feel a little pressure, too, because they are coming and also I'm pushing myself to play a little better.

Q. Are there any players that you've seen in the juniors that --
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I've seen her play, because when I was at the Evian last year, she was there, too. I think there were a lot of good ones, like especially the girls, like the Chinese girls, they are really good, like Lily Yu (ph), I think she's good and some of the girls from Guangzhou, like from the same hometown as me. So I'm sure they will come. Just need to wait. Be patient, they will come.
And maybe at that time I'll be old; old, old, old. (Laughing).

Q. Inaudible.
JOEY POH: Like every single shot, you see what goes on before you come to the next shot -- so I see that, yeah. Like make it not so much about the moment. And at the moment the shot is over, they don't think about the past and stuff.

Q. Are you going to start --
JOEY POH: I would.

Q. You would?
JOEY POH: I think I would.
LORNA CAMPBELL: Shanshan, Joey, thank you very much.

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