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February 22, 2010

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/I. Kunitsyn
6-2, 6-3

Q. First of all, injury-wise? There seemed to be --
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, no, it's just sore. Just pretty sore after the match and right at the end of the match. Not injured, just sore.

Q. Groin?
ANDY MURRAY: No, ankle was a bit sore at the start. But then I was actually really out of breath early in the match. You know, like I said, I haven't practiced that much or trained that much, and there were a lot of long points.
The second game was incredibly long. That was actually probably a perfect match for me because it was quite a lot of long rallies and long points and long games. That helped probably physically, but just a bit sore.

Q. When did you get back to some proper training?
ANDY MURRAY: I haven't gotten back to proper training. No, I didn't train particularly hard after Australia. I took ten full days off. Did nothing. You know, it doesn't take that long to sort of lose your fitness if you're kind of not doing anything. But I needed the break, you know, just to refresh mentally.
The physical I have to do a bit of work before Indian Wells and Miami to make sure I'm in the best shape for them. But I probably only practiced four or five days before I came here. And obviously it's like the different conditions to what it is back home.

Q. So first match back, are you pretty satisfied with it?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, like I said, I wasn't expecting to play my best tennis and expect to hit the ball unbelievably clean. But, you know, I served well when I needed to. So I was pretty stiff. I moved pretty good throughout the match, and, yeah, it was a perfect start.
He's a tricky player. I had never played him before. He's got a bit of a tough game. He's won a title on the tour before, so...

Q. Not to get too personal, but do you always wear the support shorts underneath?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. Well, I wore them a lot more towards the end of last year. My physio's tried to get me to wear them for a long -- pretty much since I started working with him. And I kind of wore them on and off. But I wore them all through Australia, through Hopman Cup, and Australian Open and, obviously, wore them here as well.

Q. Have you noticed a similar dip in your fitness before when you've taken that sort of a break?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it happens every time. You know, if you don't -- if you do nothing for ten days, regardless of how fit you are, you know -- I'm sure if you guys don't do anything for ten days and then go, you know, on the treadmill or something, you don't feel great.
Our base fitness is good, so I can get it back quickly. But, you know, it takes a few days of hard work and training and matches to start feeling good again.

Q. So what will you do? Day off tomorrow, will it be resting again and a bit of massage here and there, or will you try and have a reasonable practice session?
ANDY MURRAY: I'll probably practice, you know, probably about an hour-and-a-half. I hit a lot of serves for the last 20 minutes of practice. I'll serve a lot and just try to hit a lot of balls. I obviously want to be feeling fresh for the matches, so I don't want to tire myself out too much.
But, you know, after here there's 10, 12 days before Indian Wells start, and I'll train hard before then.

Q. Could you talk a bit about what it might be like playing Tipsarevic and Seppi?
ANDY MURRAY: I've played Tipsarevic quite a few times. He's a very, very good player. Big serve, he's very unpredictable. And Seppi, I played -- maybe played him only once. I think I played him in Rotterdam last year. It was a pretty, pretty close match.
They're kind of similar. Tipsarevic probably has a bigger game. Seppi is a little more solid.

Q. Is the court still fast here?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's quick, and the balls get really, really quick, really fast. You know, even after the warm-up, they get smaller, and then in Australia they get a lot bigger.
It's kind of strange. Sometimes you hit them and they feel kind of flat almost on the slice or whatever. But off the serve they definitely come off the racquet real quick.

Q. Did you say afterwards that you didn't like ice baths, so you didn't do baths?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I don't like ice baths. I don't like ice baths, no.

Q. You're going to take the plunge, or you just had one is it?
ANDY MURRAY: No, no, I didn't. He was just asking if I was going to have one. No, I might tomorrow, but not tonight.

Q. You said you took ten days off after Australia. Did you not even pick a racquet up during those ten days?
ANDY MURRAY: No. Well, I picked it up once. I was doing something from Malaria No More. You know, just I maybe hit maybe like 30 serves or something. But, no, didn't pick my racquet up at all. I went in a couple of times, because I was seeing my physio, with my racquet in case I fancied hitting, but just didn't want to.

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