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February 21, 2010

Brian Stuard


Q. Brian, just phenomenal playing out there today and this week. Just get your comments.
BRIAN STUARD: You know, I really wasn't praying very good coming into the week, and, I don't know, something kind of clicked I guess and started making a few putts. It was nice to see.

Q. Top 20 I think at Sony, and a couple tournaments so-so finishes. Didn't play real well. This has got to really get to get you excited for the rest of the year.
BRIAN STUARD: It feel real good. Getting close to the reshuffle, so trying to move up a little bit. This should help a little bit.

Q. Did you think that this early, your fourth career start, that you'd have a top five finish this fast?
BRIAN STUARD: Maybe probably not, but I wasn't expecting to play as bad as I did the last few tournaments either, so this is kind of nice.

Q. What was the key out there for you today?
BRIAN STUARD: Um, you know, just got into a nice rhythm. Kept it in play for the most part, and I think that was key. Made a few putts.
I made it from about 185 on 3 for eagle to kind of get the round going. That was nice.

Q. Talk a little bit about last year. 26th on the Money List. Obviously you got bumped out right there at the end, but the get the card through Q-School, just talk a little bit about your expectations for this year.
BRIAN STUARD: You know, I'm not really sure. I didn't really know what to expect. Just gonna kind of try to take it one week at time, I guess.
I feel like I can play out here. Just got to get comfortable and do it, I guess.

Q. All right. Perfect.
BRIAN STUARD: Thanks, guys.

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