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February 20, 2010

Paul Casey

Camilo Villegas


Q. Boy, what a day. It's almost fitting that nobody lost on a day like today. But you've got to come back at 7:00 in the morning. How does that feel after a day like this?
PAUL CASEY: Getting up at 5:00 in the morning. I wanted it be a final, I didn't want to continue a semifinal. That's the way it is. It's going to be tight. One of us has to be in the final.

Q. It's remarkable the way this match has gone on. It may be the best bunker shot I ever saw and in the darkness.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: It is remarkable. I should have made that putt, it is what it is. We'll be here at 7:00 a.m., like Paul said, one of us is going to be in the final and we'll both try hard.

Q. You have been having a lot of fun on the golf course, 7:10 in the morning and playing on hole No. 10. Tell me a little bit about today.
PAUL CASEY: We've gone through everything today. We've gone through some great weather and probably the most miserable I've ever been on a golf course, starting the semifinal this afternoon with Camilo. If it wasn't for the rain and bad weather, we probably would have gotten this thing done by now. But we're both going to be keen tomorrow morning at 7:10.

Q. Are you guys going to have dinner together tonight and maybe just laugh a little bit?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: It was a long day. And like he said, one of us has to win. We'll try hard. 7:10 will be our tee time. And I think more than dinner, just time to go rest.

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