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February 20, 2010

Joe Durant


NELSON SILVERIO: We'd like to welcome Joe Durant into the interview room. Good playing. Kind of a roller coaster round; is that fair to say? Why don't you take us through your round and talk about the closing birdies.
JOE DURANT: Yeah, it was very much a roller coaster from the first hole on. I made a very kind of a crazy birdie on the first hole. Hit it in the fairway bunker and then had to hit 6-iron on my third shot. Hit it about 15 feet and made it.
Made a good birdie on 2, and then after that made double and then a bogey. I was like, you know, one of those days. But I was fortunate to birdie the last two and get into the house with a sub-70 number. Looking forward to tomorrow.
NELSON SILVERIO: Any change in the conditions between yesterday and today?
JOE DURANT: The wind was very similar. The greens were similar paced. My speed was just off today. I didn't have very good speed on the greens, and consequently I left myself a lot of three- and four-footers for par. You don't want to do that if you can help it.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOE DURANT: Um, I need to play better than today. But I feel confident. I'm doing a lot of things well. I'm driving the ball well. So if I can do that and putt a little better, I do feel confident, yes.

Q. (Through translation.) Can you take us through 3 and 4?
JOE DURANT: Do I have to? (Laughing.) Yeah, I hit a perfect drive. Pulled new second just -- it's a very tough hole, No. 3. It's one of the hardest holes. Pulled my second shot a little bit and left my pitch short. Had a tough chip. Left it short about ten feet.
Hit my putt just about a foot and a half by and marked it and took my time and missed it, just flat missed it. Three-putted the next hole, so it was two holes of poor putting.

Q. (Through translation.) How much does experience count tomorrow?
JOE DURANT: It always helps just having been in this position a number of times and knowing the kind of round you need to play on Sunday to win a golf tournament. At least you know in your mind what you need to do. Whether you do it or not, who knows. Experience always helps.

Q. (Through translation.) How do you rebound after the third and fourth holes knowing that you've got these guys right on your heels?
JOE DURANT: Fortunately, I have a great caddie, and sometimes he knows what to say. You know, Hey, we have a lot of golf play. Just stay patient. Give yourself opportunities. That's where experience comes into effect, too. You have to say, Okay, there's still a lot of the golf play. Let's just take a couple deep breaths and regroup.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOE DURANT: I think it's fantastic. I think Greg did a beautiful job with the golf course. It's fun to play. I think it's designed with the wind in mind, so varying handicaps can play this golf course and have a good time.
You can't always say that about some of the new architecture, you know. So it's a beautiful resort and a beautiful place. OHL is fantastic sponsor, so it's a wonderful mix.
It's just fun to be here. It's a lot fun. Very relaxing for the players.

Q. (Through translation.) It's almost like a script you've been writing. Is it exciting to be a part of that?
JOE DURANT: It is. I would love to be leading after tomorrow. (Laughter.)
NELSON SILVERIO: All right, good luck tomorrow, Joe.
JOE DURANT: Thank you very much.

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