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February 19, 2010

Retief Goosen


Q. You came out on top?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I got off to a great start, birdieing the first two holes, and he bogeyed the third, so 3-up through 3.
But you know he's going to come back or you're going to make a mistake. So, I think -- he had a few three-putts out there today. And it wasn't easy, you know. Today with the breeze it wasn't easy to get close to some of these pins. Some of the pins were seriously tough. It was a bit of a scruffy game, but I got through it.

Q. A funny thing, coming through the back nine, and seemed that there were no holes halved, either you were winning or he was winning, it was back and forth and back and forth, that's got to be tiring?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I think you wanted to drive it into the cactus. And then he actually, on 11, at about -- had about a 5-footer for birdie and I had about a 20-footer. I said, "I can make this putt, I can stay in the match." I made mine, and he misses. There was a bonus there.
The next two holes we were all square. Then he misjudged the pace on 14. And putted it off the green, there. It's quite a tough pin there today and quite easy to do that.

Q. What a great day?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Thanks. He missed another short one on 16 and then on 18. So I got in a good one today.

Q. Looks like you'll be playing Camilo, talk about him as an opponent?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Camilo is a tough competitor, a feisty competitor. He hits the ball a mile for such a small guy. He has very low ball flight. So in windy conditions he can hit it quite long and it gets a lot of roll on these fairways. So I've got a tough match. The guy is playing really good golf. So I'm looking forward to improving my game tomorrow.

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