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February 19, 2010

Oliver Wilson


Q. Talk about the match.
OLIVER WILSON: Again, yeah, it wasn't sparkling golf. The wind was changing direction everywhere, and with the course with the elevation changes, it makes it very tricky. I'd be surprised if anyone shot lights out today.
We played okay, we just didn't hole lots of putts. Made some mistakes. I was more steady, just plugging along. I had the lead after 13. And then two holes later it was not looking so good. He birdied 17 to get back level. And then 18.
I had a great line off the tee, the best drive of the tee, left myself a short distance. Luke was way back. He had a pretty good shot to where he was. I had a great shot, stone dead, feeling pretty good about myself.

Q. What a hard fought victory?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I'm just delighted right now. Just to come through that. There's a few mistakes for both of us in the match.
Towards the end it got really good, I was really excited. I'm sure it made good TV, but I wasn't overly thrilled to be involved in it, especially on 18. I played good the last few holes.

Q. It made some pretty good radio, I might mention. On 18, you hit a brilliant drive. That was a cunning line, that you took on that drive, leaving yourself 148. Take us through what happened there?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I remembered last year, I think it was a bit more down last year. I managed to hit tee shots down the right-hand side. But I just felt that that flag, I needed to take it on. And I hit the best drive of the day. Really crushed it. And it left me in a position to get close, because I was rewarded. Hit it stone dead.

Q. Did you think it was over at that point?
OLIVER WILSON: I felt pretty good. But at that stage, you know, it's mind games. You always are thinking, well, I think -- I can't wish any bad on him, because that's going to come back and rob me. He hit a good putt, and you're watching it, it was looking good. It was a bit of a killer blow. I just have to pick myself up and, you know, there's no reason why I can't win. Obviously if I can keep the pressure on him the next few holes then I still have a chance to come through and I managed to do that.

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