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February 19, 2010

Joe Durant


NELSON SILVERIO: Joe Durant, thanks for joining us for a few minutes today. 5-under I believe today, a two-shot lead at the moment. Just some general thoughts on your round.
JOE DURANT: I think the key today is I stayed very patient. I bogeyed the first hole, but I said, It's a long day. Let's be patient and give ourselves some opportunities. Birdied 12 and 13, so then I felt like I was rolling again.
Last year I probably would not have been as patient as I was today.
NELSON SILVERIO: And obviously to finish strong with a birdie.
JOE DURANT: Yeah, I birdied the last two. The par-5, No. 8, was straight downwind. Made an easy birdie there.
And then 9 hit a good tee shot. Second shot was a little short. Had about probably a 30-footer, but made a really nice putt.

Q. (Through translation.) It's been a couple years since your last won on the PGA Tour. What sort of focus do you go with on the weekend to get back in the winner's circle?
JOE DURANT: Um, I just need to play like I've played these two days: just fairways and greens and give myself opportunities. I know that's a boring way to approach it, but that's really what you have to do. You have to take it one day at a time and one shot at a time.

Q. (Through translation.) The weather seems to be constantly changing. How does that affect your game, and what do you do to adjust?
JOE DURANT: That's a good question. Today the wind was more the direction we have typically here. The practice rounds it was the north wind, and today it was more the traditional wind.
I'm sure some guys were caught off guard a bit. So having played it the lat few years, I kind of knew what clubs to expect off certain holes. So that was an advantage.

Q. (Through translation.) With your good start yesterday, did that allow you to play a little bit more relaxed on Friday, or did you just keep that intensity?
JOE DURANT: No question. Because it seemed like for the longest time I've had marginal first rounds where I was kind of on the bubble of making the cut, and really not having that low first round.
So, yes, you can relax more and go play golf and not worry about that.

Q. (Through translation.) What can we expect from Joe Durant tomorrow?
JOE DURANT: Just gonna try to be steady, fairways and greens. And if I putt like I did the last two days, hopefully it'll be a good weekend.
NELSON SILVERIO: Anything else? All right. Joe Durant, thank you.
JOE DURANT: Thank you.

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