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February 18, 2010

Joe Durant


Q. General thoughts on your round. You're leading at the moment.
JOE DURANT: Well, we had, you know, really nice conditions to start out. Virtually no wind and the greens were great, so it was optimum scoring conditions and the scores reflect that all the a way down the board pretty much.

Q. The eighth hole they're playing as par-5.

Q. Any noticeable difference in it?
JOE DURANT: I think it's a more generous driving area as a 5. When it was a 4 it was an awkward angle. It was a very tough 4. But as a 5, you know, it's still tricky enough.
Around that green, if you're not careful with your distances, you can still put it in the water up by the green. You just have to be very careful, but I think it plays better as a 5 probably.

Q. It is never a bad thing to get off to a good start.
JOE DURANT: I would much rather have a good start than go in the opposite direction, that is for sure. I just felt comfortable out there today. Obviously, we have a long way to go, but having a good first round can set a nice tone for you the rest of the week. I just need to keep doing the same things and keep myself in the hunt heading into the weekend.

Q. You have had some decent finishes here the last two years with a T12 in 2008 and a T28 in 2009. Is there something about the course that is appealing to you?
JOE DURANT: I do like the course and it does set up nicely for my game. We all have courses that better suit our playing style, and this probably is one of those for me. I certainly would like to improve on my past finishes and go a little higher. We'll see.

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