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February 17, 2010

Ernie Els


Q. Did you feel in control for your round?
ERNIE ELS: In match play, you lose one hole, the other guy gets a bit of momentum. I didn't want to let that happen.
I made good putts on 10 and 11. Those are probably the two putts that swung the match in my favor. If I missed those two, I was only 1-up, and it would have been a dog fight then.

Q. How different is it here playing 18-hole match play for 36?
ERNIE ELS: If you take it into athletics, it's some nice 800-meter run at the world match play, and this is a 100-meter sprint.
If you get off to a good start, you have got to try to keep the guy down. It can go any which way.

Q. Tell me about Dan. He's an interesting character.
ERNIE ELS: When I moved to Florida, 18 months ago now, we became good friends. He's an ex-ice hockey player, played in the NHL for 14, 15 years. He's very competitive.
We play a lot of golf at home. He's a very good player. We just became friends. I took him out to the east last year. We had a couple of good finishes. He's really up for it. He really reads greens very, very well.
My putting has come around because of him really.

Q. You have Retief tomorrow. Talk some about that.
ERNIE ELS: It's kind of bitter sweet, isn't it? I love to play a guy like Retief later in the tournament. We've been good friends for a long time. Tomorrow we're not going to be good friends for 18 holes. As I say, it's a sprint. You've got to try to stay in the tournament somehow.

Q. Wish you the best of luck out there.
ERNIE ELS: Thanks.

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