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February 17, 2010

Oliver Wilson


Q. Oliver, nice four and two victory over Miguel Jimenez, and a nice way to finish. Tell us about that.
OLIVER WILSON: I was in control all day and, then he, as I always knew he would, made a few birdies to make it a bit interesting.
Nice to win the 16th, 15th, and then made a good shot into the par three, and holed one to close him out, which was nice. He was about 15 feet. I felt like I need to make it and I did. It was nice.

Q. Four birdies and no bogeys today, how well did you play?
OLIVER WILSON: I played pretty solid. I made a few good putts early on. I didn't feel like I played for about a month. Very strange. Nice to make a few putts and got off to a good start. I managed to play my way into a good spot, really only hit one bad shot and actually won that hole as well. Pretty solid, pretty happy with everything.

Q. (Inaudible.)
OLIVER WILSON: I think it is, yeah. It is a long course, but it doesn't really suit the longer, if that makes since. You have got to be very accurate with your distance control.
For me, if I can keep it on the fairways and my distance control is reasonably good, it comes down to putting. Putting is a strength of mine, so I feel pretty good. I like the course as well.

Q. (Inaudible.)
OLIVER WILSON: Tenth tee shot. Miquel ducked one and I still hit driver, locked it right, and he had to take a penalty drop. I made bogey. No, I made par, got it up-and-down. Chipped out and hit a lob wedge close. It was fortunate, classic Match Play.

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