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February 14, 2010

Dwyane Wade


East – 141
West - 139

Q. Talk about Dallas being a lucky town for you, Championship trophy in 2006, this trophy here; compare the two, especially from the perspective of this one, being gotten in this venue like this.
DWYANE WADE: Well, first of all, Dallas put on an unbelievable All-Star event for us. Excited to be a part of the weekend.
I've had a little luck in Dallas. Of course, 2006 is very, very memorable. Something that I dreamed of doing for a long time, winning the NBA Championship and I was lucky enough and blessed enough to win the MVP award there. To come and do it again is special.
I'm just happy first of all that we got the win. It was a good game and went down to the end but came out tonight and wanted to be aggressive, probably the most aggressive I've been in the All-Star Game, my sixth year and just wanted to do a lot of different things on the floor, and they worked out for me.

Q. You get to do this once a year, you played with LeBron; what's that like for you to not play with him 364 days and then one day a year you get this?
DWYANE WADE: Yeah, you see the connection we both have, especially going to the basket, lobs, finding each other. I've played with him for a lot of years, the Olympics, and he makes it easy for all his teammates, you see it in Cleveland. I get the opportunity to be his teammate for one day, and I'm going to enjoy it. He was one of the reasons why I sit up here with the MVP award, finding me, getting my rhythm, and I got a lot of assists from him. It's great playing with LB, man, and it always will be.

Q. Usually when guys get into MVP mode they usually take over with their scoring; just talk about you doing it the assist way and also the big steal on Williams in the end?
DWYANE WADE: I just wanted to do a little bit of everything, kind of what I do, many I game. Wish I could have got a couple more rebounds, made it real special. But to get six rebounds, eleven assists and also five steals, that's the way I would like to win MVP then, just to get 30 points.
And then, I'm a team player, so I like to see my teammates and fun and shine, as well.

Q. What was it like putting on an MVP performance in front of such a large crowd?
DWYANE WADE: It was great. This was like the teams say, as we all do, it's an historical event. It's going to be in our minds and our hearts and thoughts for a long time, Dallas and the MVP, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban really put on a fabulous event and to be able to perform in front of a crowd like that, I know that -- I know I can do it. I've done it before. So just to be able to put on a show like that and to get the win, and to make key plays down the stretch was what I like.
So I was comfortable with staying on the sidelines. I'm used to being in situations like that with him in Miami, and guys like LeBron and Dwight, we have been playing together in All-Star games, and so we always come through for each other.

Q. Just with the raised court and the hugeness of the building and the record-set record, how long did it take you to acclimate? Was it weird at the start? Did you have to just try to block that out or did you take it in?
DWYANE WADE: No, I took it in. First if felt like you were on stage. We went out to warm up and we are used to seeing all of our faces and it was amazing and wild and like kids, very giddy. It was a stage and when the game started it was basketball. Playing in the NCAA Tournament, it's kind of that same feel, especially when I played in New Orleans. It's kind of that same feel, so I adjusted to it immediately.

Q. Talk about the kind of couple days that you've had as far as getting the MVP, as well as the humanitarian work that you have done with Haiti and putting together the coalition and raising the money.
DWYANE WADE: This was a special weekend. Got an opportunity to do a lot of different things, not only in the game of basketball and winning MVP, but like you said, really continue to drive the message for Haiti, to continue to help support them with Alonzo and to hold my foundation event that was very successful.
So there was a lot of things that went on this weekend that I walked away from, knowing that we have bettered some people from this weekend, whether it was threw my foundation or whether it was through our voices of what we did in Haiti as athletes. And the game of basketball, I think our game grew tonight because of not only the 100-plus that was here, but the ones that was watching, as well.

Q. Do you ever wonder about playing with LeBron more than one day a year?
DWYANE WADE: I was wondering what took so long for that question. Yeah, we can dream, can't we? I dream. (Smiling).

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