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February 14, 2010

Chris Bosh


East – 141
West - 139

Q. Talk about the venue and what was the most impressive thing about it for you.
CHRIS BOSH: Well, I mean, first off, it was a really, really good feeling, just to be an All-Star, not only year in and year out, but to be an All-Star in my hometown. It's been great for me. I think it's great for the City of Dallas, to be able to showcase this big, great, grand arena -- well, stadium that they have, and to be able to have the biggest crowd ever, I think that speaks a lot to where the game has come.

Q. 108,000 people, what was that experience like, the energy like? I know you had a crazy crowd in China, but can you compare the two?
CHRIS BOSH: No, you can't compare them. You know, it's just different. It's a different thing. Out there, it was the passion of the Olympics, and this one was just the "wow" factor, first off, of the stadium, but the fact that everybody came out to watch it; I think they were expecting 80,000 for so, 90,000, something like that, but to have 108,000, that's just leaps and bounds more than what we expected.
But I'm glad that I got a chance to do that, and I had a blast.

Q. Knowing that 108,000 people are in the crowd, you are going to the free throw line; is it a different pressure maybe?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, it's a little different. I mean, especially it's the All-Star Game, we got serious at the end of course. We wanted to win the game. 108,000 people are watching, it's a different kind of setting. It's not a classic basketball setting, and there was a lot more people watching the game. I wanted to first off, make it, and I'm glad that I did. I'm glad you asked me that question instead of me missing. I would have had to listen to my friends after this game.

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