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February 13, 2010

Steve Nash


Q. How much sleep are you operating on right now?
STEVE NASH: A couple half-hours. (Laughter).

Q. You got in, what, 7:00 this morning?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, got in at 7:00. Got to the hotel a little after that. Got a little bit of sleep before practice this morning. You know, then got back to the hotel for another half hour of sleep before this.
But it makes it okay when you win a resumé-builder like this.

Q. On that first lay-up of the second rounds, were you distracted by the camera guys scurrying out of the way?
STEVE NASH: I just wondered if they wanted me to jump over them first.
I'm just lucky that I didn't hurt myself because I was already a little stiff. So it was nice that they could move.

Q. More seriously, you, Chauncey, Jason Kidd are all here in the All-Star game, in your mid 30s playing as well as you ever have; what is the secret?
STEVE NASH: I think more than anything, you have to love to play and you have to love being part of a tema and enjoy that process. Without that, all of the hard work becomes impossible.
So you put in the hard work because you love to play and love being a part of the team and think those guys exemplify that. They have a great desire to play the game and it helps that they are good at it, too.

Q. How much satisfaction do you get at this point in your career to be a younger point guard as you did today?
STEVE NASH: Well, I have a lot of admiration for those three guys, so to beat them at anything is an accomplishment. I think they probably took it easy on me. I'm not going to go around town gloating or anything. But you know, I think it says a lot to where the point position is in our game, with as deep and as talented as the younger generation is.

Q. Were you motivated or coasting?
STEVE NASH: I tried my best without any warmup. I missed the run-through because I was a little disjointed from the trip. So I didn't get on for the walk-through and I was just kind of hoping for the best.

Q. What were your thoughts as you heard the crowd cheer for you as you came out here in Dallas, where you matured into the player that you are now?
STEVE NASH: That was amazing, to come back here as an All-Star representing the Phoenix Suns, but to a city that is very important to me and has been very important to my career; to a group of fans that I had a great affinity for, a great opportunity to play in front of. It's special to hear them support me back here after all of these years.

Q. Any chance for you to play in the World Championship this summer?
STEVE NASH: Probably not. You know, playing for my country, playing in the Olympics, and playing for my country in general is as good as it gets in my career. But I have a lot of responsibility for eight, nine months, including preparation with the Suns and I can't be everything to everyone. So for me to play for Canada, it would take me a long time of training to get prepared to play in the world championships.
So it would not be just like I would show up and play because I wouldn't play at a standard that would be expected of me if I did that and that would be detrimental preparing to play for the team, and then playing for two to four weeks, so we are looking at 12 months of basketball. As much as I would love to turn the clock back, it would be a pleasure to play for my country again but I can't do it.

Q. Would you follow the World Championship soccer in South Africa?
STEVE NASH: Absolutely, yeah, I can't wait. Every four years can't come fast enough in that respect so I'm very excited for the summer.

Q. Will you travel to it?
STEVE NASH: I would like to go see, there's a pretty good chance I'll go but I don't know.

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