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February 12, 2010

Chris Bosh

Kevin Durant

Patrick Ewing


Q. Talk about Westbrook's performance tonight, seemed to get in the lane a lot and create a lot of points.
PATRICK EWING: I mean, he scored 40 points, but you know, this is a team game. We got our butts kicked on every aspect of the game. They had 52 rebounds. They had 140 points. I know it's the All-Star Game, but you know, we didn't play with enough pride in my eyes. They outplayed us. They outhustled us. They outscrapped us.

Q. Chris, compare coaching to playing and how did you enjoy the experience tonight?
CHRIS BOSH: It was different. I didn't do much. You know, I was just trying to enjoy myself on the sideline. (Laughter).
That's really about it. You know, I let everybody have fun. That's what this weekend is about.

Q. Did you drop any plays?
CHRIS BOSH: No, I didn't drop any plays. Coach had all the plays.
PATRICK EWING: He had a few that he wanted to put in but we weren't ready to use them yet.

Q. You mentioned you kind of got your butts kicked and it's a team game, is that the reason that Westbrook didn't get a shot at the end to break the record?
PATRICK EWING: I didn't even know whether the record to be broken. That's why he asked me to put him back in, where did he go? I just saw him come in. That's the reason he must have asked me. He told me, "Coach, come on, need to get back in there."
I didn't really know there was a record but you know what he played a good game, got 40 points, but we lost.

Q. Can you talk about Tyreke Evans and the respect he has gotten around the league, guys like you not only who appreciate his game but what kind of player do you think he can be?
CHRIS BOSH: He has a tremendous upside. To have his size coming in playing the one, especially as a rook's that says a lot about his game and maturity as a player right now. He can only get better.
As he gets older and matures even more, he's going to be a lot better. He's already taken guys down to the post. He's coming off pick-and-rolls. He can do a lot of different things. He can be one of those versatile point guards where you really have to worry about it.

Q. Kevin, I was wondering what you thought of Russell tonight, and if you were worried he was going to get your record.
KEVIN DURANT: I was worried he was going to get my record, but I was happy for him. He was hitting threes and everything tonight that's something that I usually don't see from Russell, but he had a great game, luckily they took him out with seven minutes left and he had 40 points, so he wouldn't break my record. But I'm glad we came out and got this win for the rookies.

Q. So seven-game losing streak; you were up clapping and getting into it a little bit. I know you were not exactly drawing out plays but what the night was like for you.
KEVIN DURANT: It was just fun seeing those guys on the floor, enjoy playing with each other. You know, it's fun to see DeJuan get 20 and do and fun to see Brandon go out and almost get a triple double, along with Tyreke.
It's fun to see those guys going out there having fun play basketball. That's what we want them to do is play the game the right way.

Q. Were you worried he might get your record tonight?
KEVIN DURANT: I was, but since he's my teammate, I let it slide.

Q. So you went from your rookie season, with your shot selection being questioned to now people saying you're No. 2 in the MVP race; is there anything you're doing differently this season that has put you at that level that you were not doing before?
KEVIN DURANT: I really don't think I'm at MVP level. That's a level I'm trying to get to right now, but we have a long ways to go before we consider me to MVP level. And that's the last thing I'm worried about. I just have to continue and come and work every day.

Q. Is your official nickname Durantula?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, you could say that, Durantula.

Q. What was it like sitting on the bench and being the coach?
KEVIN DURANT: It was cool. It was something, of course, I'm not used to, but it was fun. Just going out there encouraging those guys, you know, I'm glad. I'm 1-0 in my coaching debut.

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