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February 11, 2010

Charley Hoffman


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Charley, thanks for joining us. 64 today, 6-under, one off the lead right now. Played over at Monterey Peninsula Country Club. Just some opening comments. Great day and on probably a somewhat unfamiliar course, but great results.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, first time I played MPCC. Heard a lot of good things about it. Obviously a great add to the rotation. Great golf course. I mean, fun place to play.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: We'll take some questions.

Q. You got an eagle on 6. Talk about that from the tee.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Sure. Par-5, wind was in from pretty much left to right. Hit a good right down the right-hand side. Had about 240 in and hit a hybrid up there that just handed over the bunker and sort of the trickled on and around the green. A little small plateau up there, and I made about I would say an 18-footer for eagle. Actually, pretty good eagle.

Q. You won the Hope a couple years ago, and you're playing with the celebs here. Obviously the format doesn't bother you. With people sort of going in all directions and Bill Murray here telling jokes, et cetera, you sort of just go with the flow or ignore it or what?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, you definitely have to go with the flow. I mean, you can't ignore it. They're out there. One hole, I think it was out around 17th hole or something like that, Lopez was coming across on like 4 or 5. So you just have to wait.
Then I go, George, you guys want to play? And he goes, No, you guys go ahead. Just sort of what you have to have deal with. You just got to make sure everybody is standing still, and when you're ready, hit the shot and you can go on.

Q. Do you enjoy playing in a celebrity tournament like this?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, I do. Obviously the rounds take a lot longer than they normally do tour, but I've had good success throughout the years at the Bob Hope, and halfway decent success here at AT&T, so I obviously enjoy playing this format.
I like meeting new people. I played with one of my sponsor CEOs of Waste Management, David Steiner. Fun to play golf with and it's nice over the years to get to meet guys. You come back and you see familiar faces. It's a fun format to play for sure.

Q. The golfers like to play with the athletes. The athletes sort of like to play with the golfers because they appreciate golf so much. Did you get celebrity conscious out there when you see a Romo or a Tom Brady or somebody like that, or is it just another person?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's pretty cool to see 'em. They're all huge guys. I mean, Tom Brady is a big tall guy; Romo is a pretty big guy himself. I just had my charity event down in San Diego, and Marshall Faulk played, and a few other Chargers.
I mean, in person -- I mean, they look big in pads but in person they're just as big. It's fun to meet those guys, and it's amazing the people you meet playing golf. I mean, everybody Loves golf and it's a great sport where everybody can play.

Q. Was there much banter during the round?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I was sort of away from the main celebrity draw, I would say, so it was pretty calm. But I've played -- last year I played with Luke Wilson. I mean, it's definitely out there. It's fun. Mostly the gallery is pretty golf knowledgeable, so they don't get in your way too much. It's fun to hear a comment here or there.

Q. Charley, everybody is raving about MPCC and happy that Poppy Hills is not in the rotation. Why is that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I'm not gonna say anything bad about Poppy Hills; Poppy Hills is a good, fun golf course. But MPCC is just a step above that. It's a great golf course, a great country club. It was extremely dry for how much rain it had, and it was fun to play.
I mean, the members just seem like they rallied behind it. There was a few members' tents out there. Fun golf course to walk around and watch.

Q. Was it the drainage issue primarily, the difference between Poppy and MPCC?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I'm not an agronomist so I don't know the problems they have at Poppy Hills, but they have it figured out here.

Q. You play Spyglass tomorrow. What are your thoughts on that course?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I love Spyglass. I've been coming up here for years playing California and U.S. Amateurs and that stuff, and the last few years playing the Callaway Pro-Am, so I've played Spyglass a lot. It's one of my favorite courses of all-time.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Charley Hoffman, thank you. Best of luck the rest of the week.

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