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February 7, 2010

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: It was a good day today. With the wind, it was a more difficult golf course I felt, but it was kind of a struggle on the front nine, and on 5 and 6, two critical holes there. I hit two bad approach shots into the greens and made bogey after getting off to a good start with a couple birdies.
On the back nine, I played the best 3-wood of the year so far at No. 10 and knocked it on the green, 2-putted for birdie.
I had some opportunities at 11 and 12 that I missed. 12 being into the wind was 2-hybrid again, one of those 2-hybrids I hit and I knocked it in there pretty close and just missed the putt.
13, I hit a perfect drive, almost hit the ball in the water, I literally did half-shank my little pitch shot on the green and made it from about 12 feet for birdie. So such is the game.
And I made another 12-footer for par an the next hole and about a 30-footer and about a 25-footer on the next two holes, so my putter really, really worked today.

Q. How do you feel about your week overall, at the second you are standing in the Top-10?
TOM WATSON: Looking back on the week, there are a couple of holes there that if I had known just A bit better what to do, I probably would have fared a little bit better. But I got some good breaks, too. I got some breaks at No. 8, I pushed it and ran up there and instead of being stuck in a bush in the desert it, ran through the desert and way up there.
Same thing at 14, one day I hooked it too far left and rolled up there in the desert and I had to use pitching wedge to the green. I got some good breaks, as well as some shots that I wish I had thought maybe a little bit differently on. It was a good week.

Q. If you finish in the Top-10, you are eligible to play in India; you don't fancy giving us another treat, do you?
TOM WATSON: I think I'm going to go the opposite direction. I think I'm going to go west rather than east.

Q. How much have you enjoyed your time in Dubai?
TOM WATSON: I've enjoyed it very much. It was a learning experience in Dubai. To see this type of economy is spectacular. I had seen it on the Internet. I had seen the pictures of the construction and the various things, the indoor ski slope.
I had not seen the racetrack, but physically went and saw that and that was spectacular. But the amount of construction and the belief that this is going to be an economic centre in the world by the Emirates; everybody I talk to, they have positive thoughts about how this is going to work out.

Q. I take it this bodes well for you and your season, with the excellent form you've shown coming into this and then playing against all of these younger guys?
TOM WATSON: The kids. Well, I'm obviously very happy about the way I played today and scored today. Yesterday was a big disappointment, finishing on the last hole with a double-bogey. I hit what I thought was a very good shot for my third shot, and it came up ten yards shorter than I felt it was going to, when I hit it, I thought it was perfect. It was a big surprise and a letdown.
Today was a reprieve for that last shot I hit yesterday. And I had not played the golf course before. I'm pretty happy about the way I played. I didn't drive the ball as well as I did the very first round here. I drove the ball very well, it was a good omen for the things that were going to come this week, but my driving just wasn't as good as it probably should have been to contend this week.

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