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February 5, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. Could you sum up your round?
TOM WATSON: I hit the ball in the fairway better today off the tee, so it was a little bit easier round of golf today, and as a result, I shot 70. The conditions are easier today. Didn't quite have the strong winds, but the wind was a little bit different, came from a little bit different position today. But so we played the golf course pretty much the same wind the last two days.
The key for me is to put the ball in the fairway, and I didn't make too many mistakes with the putter today. I made some mistakes yesterday with the putter. I had one 3-putt, and it wasn't a very good 3-putt. But my iron game wasn't particularly good today, it was a little bit better yesterday, but my driving today was better than yesterday. So it kind of evened out. All in all, a pretty good round.

Q. Thoughts on Alvaro's game?
TOM WATSON: He takes a little bit more risk than I would be taking if I were him out on the golf course. There are certain holes that I would not be taking the driver out if I were him; it causes some problems, maybe the shorter holes where he feels like he has to drive it up by the green. But the rough is so tough, I would advise him maybe to lay-up a couple of holes there.
But he has a very good golf swing and has a good short iron game and very good pitcher of the ball and great touch around the greens.

Q. Remarkably pleasant young fellow; great disposition.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, he has passion. He has passion. I like to see that in people.

Q. Can you imagine him on the Europe Ryder Cup Team, do you think he has the game to play foursomes, in particular?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, he wants to be on The Ryder Cup Team, and certainly, that is an advantage, hitting the ball that long. It always has been and always will be, hitting the ball the farthest gives you an advantage. 'Shoot low, Sheriff, they are riding Shetlands.' That's an old western saying. That's been around a long time in the States.

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