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February 4, 2010

Ricky Barnes

Luke Walton


Q. Ricky, great day today. First off, tell me about your round and kind of the inspiration that you had having your friend Luke Walton walk the course with you.
RICKY BARNES: I had a solid front nine, and Luke had a bunch of the boys and a few friends came out, and I darn near made eagle the first hole they showed up. I mean, overall round, I didn't have any bogeys. It was kind of a stress-free round. I think I made a good putt on my third hole from about 10 feet to save par, and I think other than that everything was inside three feet for par.

Q. The Lakers had a win last night, you got to practice at what time today and then you got out to the course?
LUKE WALTON: We had an 11:00 practice, got done around 1:15, 1:30, hopped in the car, met up with some of the guys and caravanned up here, met Ricky on the turn. Like he said, almost an eagle our first hole, and it takes a lot for a good friend to come out and walk the course, but we were here to support the guy.

Q. How long does the relationship go? Obviously back to the University of Arizona. How tight was it back then for you guys at Arizona?
RICKY BARNES: It was great. I had another roommate that was a basketball player and his brother was a golfer, so I kind of got introduced to a lot of the basketball players. I didn't room with many of the golfers when I was there. Any time they needed maybe a 10th or 11th on the court I would go, and then I finally was able to drag out Luke about six years ago, I got him as my scramble partner, and to this day knock on wood we haven't lost since.

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