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February 4, 2010

Ryo Ishikawa


Q. 3-under par today, very good score. Tomorrow are you thinking 3-under, 4-under, 5-under? What are you thinking?
RYO ISHIKAWA: I guess I'd say I feel lucky today. I want to focus on my golf tomorrow and this weekend, so I'd like to play maybe 2-under, 1-under tomorrow, yeah.

Q. Fairways very hard to hit with driver?

Q. Tight?
RYO ISHIKAWA: Tight. I'm so glad because my driver was 300 over.

Q. Very long driver?
RYO ISHIKAWA: I don't think so.

Q. Over 300 yards, though, makes you very happy?
RYO ISHIKAWA: Yeah, so happy.

Q. 3-under par today, very good. Play well tomorrow.
RYO ISHIKAWA: Thank you.

Q. How is the experience different this year than what it was last year?
RYO ISHIKAWA: I'm on The Presidents Cup last year. I played with Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker. I was supported by Y.E. Yang, so it was a great experience for me to be here in Presidents Cup.

Q. How much better are you now than what you were when you made your PGA TOUR debut here last year? How have you improved your game, your golf?
RYO ISHIKAWA: My mental is better than last year, and especially my putting. Putting was more be aggressive now, yeah.

Q. What is it like to come to Los Angeles to play? Are you excited by that?
RYO ISHIKAWA: Yeah, Los Angeles is very beautiful city, so I can be here, support me, golf fans and sponsors and media and my family. I'd like to thank them. I hope I can make the cut tomorrow.

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