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January 20, 2010

Bernard Tomic


M. CILIC/B. Tomic
6-7, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How are you feeling after that?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, look, really tired. To finish at this time, it's tough. You know, look, I have no excuses. But I think if I'd have played during the day, which I requested, it could have been all changed. I think I should have won.
But I'm proud of the way I played. It's difficult for me. I had the same problem last year. I can't see after 1:00, 2:00 for a 17-year-old to go out and play. It's difficult.
For the people I requested to play during the day, and it didn't happen, I think it's ridiculous.

Q. When you say you can't play after 1:00 or 2:00.
BERNARD TOMIC: Name me any sport you play at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, except this. Especially me, at my age, it's difficult.

Q. Do you think you learned anything tonight about your game, what stage you're at in your career?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, definitely learned I have to practice at 2:00 in the morning a bit (laughter).
No, look, I'm happy with the way I played the last few weeks. My tennis is improving. If I keep improving, it will all go good, I think.

Q. The level of your popularity is putting you on prime time and the television viewers...
BERNARD TOMIC: That, too. But, look, you know, playing at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, you're this young, it's the most toughest thing. I think if I would have played during the day, I would have had a better chance.

Q. What do you take out of this match?
BERNARD TOMIC: Look, I mean, I'll take a lot of things. To be able to see I can compete at this level, it's great for me. I was a few points away tonight from winning. He came up with some good points. You know, enough said.

Q. Did that line call overrule rattle you at all? You lost your next service game.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, that was a funny shot. I mean, he hit the ball, and I don't know how it was in. It was the toughest shot, you know, that he could have made, and he made it at the spot. Just got it in.
Yeah, after I was a bit worried and it was difficult because I was thinking about it. After that had passed, we were in the fifth set, so I forgot about it.

Q. Do you feel you might be ahead of schedule given your results of the last week and a half?
BERNARD TOMIC: What do you mean?

Q. You talked about trying to get into the top 100 this year, competing with the men, making the transition.
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, look, if I can play against these players, I can play against anyone. It's just a matter of time for me getting my ranking up and hopefully playing during the day.

Q. Do you think you might have made a statement for the Davis Cup selection?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, look, you know, I think I played well. If I deserve a spot, I deserve a spot. The way I've been playing lately, it's good for me. You know, if I can take anything out of it that I've learned, I've learned good things.

Q. What next? Where do you go?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, ask me tomorrow, I'll see. Depends how it goes. I have to play doubles here and mixed.

Q. What is your schedule? Will you continue to play the challenger in Victoria?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm just going to focus on the doubles here and the mixed.

Q. What did you talk with Marin about after the match?
BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, I mean, I can't really remember. We said, Great match, after in the locker room. We had few words in there. Look, I mean, I couldn't talk. It's 2:00. I just want to get to bed.

Q. Such an unusual style. To what extent do you think that style is a result of your dad not being classically changed as a coach?
BERNARD TOMIC: Oh, I mean, look, I know I play differently to the guys. I like to slow down the game. I hit pretty flat. It worries a few guys. Especially Marin, he's a bit tall, I was getting the ball low. He was making a lot of errors the first few sets.
I mean, look, I can't play any better than I did tonight.

Q. Your first five-setter. Was the experience what you expected it to be?
BERNARD TOMIC: No, I didn't expect this, no. To have a match like this, you know, to learn is great. I'm sure, you know, in time these things will help me.

Q. Do you have a goal for the year now revised because of the last week and a half?
BERNARD TOMIC: No, not really. I mean, I know my time will come in a tournament when I play well, whenever.

Q. The five-setter you had in the wild card playoff, do you think that paid any benefits tonight? Did you learn anything from that experience?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I mean, in that match, I started cramping a little bit. Today I started cramping a little bit towards the end of the fourth set. It managed to go away. I was really tired. I'm sure we both were. Five-setters are tough.
If you do the right thing, you should win. I didn't do the right thing tonight.

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