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January 20, 2010

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/M. Gicquel
6-1, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Andy, please.

Q. Could you give us a sense of how tricky it was out there this evening; the wind, the conditions.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, the wind was the hardest part. Obviously, it was quite a good atmosphere, quite a lot of noise, a lot of flags, people moving around and stuff.
I think I did well to keep my concentration from that. But the wind was, you know, the trickiest part because it's kind of like a bowl, the court kind of gets trapped in there and swirls around. Sometimes you think the ball is going one direction, and the wind is going one direction and then in the middle of the point it can change pretty quickly. That was tough.
But I was happy with the way I played.

Q. Was it a routine second-round match? How would you describe your performance?
ANDY MURRAY: . First set was good and then it was tough after that. You know, I came through a couple of tough moments early in the second set. Down Love-40 on my serve and managed to hold there. You know, he started to play better at that stage and came through that well. The third set, obviously got broken back, won a long game the following game to break back.
You know, it was a good performance, solid match, under difficult conditions, so I was happy.

Q. How well do you think you're serving at the moment? Took you to deuce a couple of times.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, how terrible. (Smiling)
I mean, this is the highest level of the sport. That's gonna happen. But I played two matches and got broken twice, you know, once in each match. So reasonably happy with that.
Served better today than I did the first day. I'm sure I'll serve better in the next round than I did today.

Q. When you needed to get your first serves in, you seemed to make them today.
ANDY MURRAY: Well, that's when it's important to make them, you know, on the big points, when you're behind. Maybe it's just a little bit of extra focus, why I served better on the big points so far in the tournament.
Obviously, I want to, you know, serve well, you know, in all of the points and give each point as much attention as possible. That's something I'll try and do better the next round.

Q. Dropshots in those conditions, a tough shot to play. But in the wind... You did it very well tonight.
ANDY MURRAY: Well, when you're dropshotting into the wind, it's a good play. You know, if you're dropshotting when you have the wind, you know, you can't really get any backspin on the ball, so the ball tends to shoot through. It's a lot easier for the opponent to get through. Dropshotted well especially at the start of the match, came forward well, volleyed pretty solid, so it was good.

Q. Your next opponent, Florent Serra. You haven't played him much. Know much about him?
ANDY MURRAY: He's been around the 50 mark for quite a long time. He's a solid player. He's had two very long matches so far. Saved a couple of match points today. So, you know, he's gonna go for it. Have to make sure I'm on my game.

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