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January 21, 2010

Venus Williams


6-2, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is everything on track with a 6-2, 7-5 win?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, you know, playing two lefties in the first two rounds is little unusual. But, you know, I was up for the challenge. She's a really good player and really good athlete. Her game is a little bit different from most people, so really have to be a little more patient because she's kind of hitting a kind of a moonball almost.
It's a little bit different, so I just had to just make sure I stayed on my rhythm. Happy to be through.

Q. She beat Serena, I think, in Cincinnati last year. Was that in your mind at all?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No. In fact, I didn't even see the match. I have no idea how it even happened. She's really consistent and moves very well. Plus, she's left-handed, so that gives her a different look than most people. I think that's obviously been really helpful in her career.

Q. Your next match might be Casey Dellacqua. You haven't played her in singles. You played her in doubles. What do you know about her?
VENUS WILLIAMS: If she wins, I guess it'll be another left-hander. You know, I know she's a crowd favorite. You know, I've seen her play. What can I say? I guess we'll see what happens. Who does she play anyway?

Q. Sprem.

Q. You played her a few times.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Played her a few times, yeah.

Q. Do you have a preference if you play day or night? Does it make a difference to your game?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, not really. I've done it all, so day or night is all good.

Q. How did you feel generally your form is at the moment?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, I don't -- I don't necessarily like put a lot of importance on if I played well one day or not. It's really about obviously winning the match and then improving for the next day.
So if I have a good day or not as good a day, I just put that behind me and get ready for the next match.
So I'm not into, Oh, well, I'm in form so I'll do well; or I'm not in form, Oh, my God.

Q. Do you feel like you're executing well so far this week?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, for the most part I'm enjoying coming in a lot. I mean, it feels pretty natural for me to come in. I like that. That's good for me.

Q. You're in the same part of the draw as Caroline Wozniacki. Do you see her having the potential to win the Australian Open, and how would you feel playing her in the quarterfinal?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think she has the potential -- I mean, she's already played so well. She has a lot of potential ahead of her. The sky's the limit.

Q. How would you feel playing her in the quarterfinal? You played her in Hong Kong a few weeks ago in an exhibition.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, obviously if we both play well enough, it could happen.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your diet as part of your training? What do you eat before a Grand Slam, and then during the two weeks?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm not a big eater, so I really focus on like eating more and just a balance between carbohydrates and protein. Obviously that before a match, and then obviously eating to recover. It's a process.

Q. Do you start a couple weeks before the tournament, or is it just ongoing?
VENUS WILLIAMS: It's pretty much ongoing. I eat more at tournaments and less at home. Like I said, I'm not a big eater, so I have to focus more on eating more food.
So I guess, you know, I'm lucky to have that challenge maybe. (Laughter.)

Q. Is that something you get advice on, or is it just something you do naturally?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No. Obviously everyone is trying to find the edge in every aspect of nutrition and training. I feel like I've educated myself on what's the best way to recover and how to eat and prepare for the match.
So it's definitely a science.

Q. You went to the theatre the other night to see a musical.

Q. How important is your down time to get away from and forget tennis for a while?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm a really relaxed person, so I have no problem when I'm done with my match for my mind to be off of tennis. I don't really focus on the next match and have nerves beforehand. That's just a personality thing.
I like to do things off the court. Obviously it's important to have a life off the court, too. I really enjoyed the theatre, to be honest. It was excellent.

Q. Did you say you don't have nerves before a match?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I said I think some people maybe they're nervous and think about it, dream about it. I don't have that problem, so I'm fortunate.

Q. If it's Casey that you're playing and you didn't play her before, do you do any study on her?
VENUS WILLIAMS: For the most part, my approach is really to try to execute my game. Obviously it's important to know how your opponent plays. I haven't given it any thought yet. My plan is just to focus on my game.

Q. For a new opponent, when you say it's important to know how they play, how do you find that out?
VENUS WILLIAMS: In the five-minute warm up you figure out what they're doing. You gotta figure it out quick and be smart about it.

Q. Do you do anything before that and get advice?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, not necessarily. You know, my aim is more inward.

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