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January 24, 2010

Fernando Gonzalez


A. RODDICK/F. Gonzålez
6-3, 3-6, 4-6, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The point at the end of the fourth set that you argued, do you believe you could have hit that ball if it hadn't been called out? Then do you believe the point should have been replayed?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I think I have to watch the replay. In the moment, I saw that I can hit the ball. I don't know. It's part of the game. You're in the moment. I mean, it was really close. I don't know if I let it go, I don't remember exactly.
But it wasn't the key of the match. The key of the match was before I have like a breakpoint, Love-30, miss two balls. I think that was most important than that point.

Q. Andy said a lot of the players aren't really sure about the rule on the challenges. What is your understanding of it?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I like the challenge because the fans get involved into the game and it's more fair for the players 'cause sometimes if the ball goes 200 kilometers per hour, it's easy to make a mistake.
Today wasn't my day for a challenge.

Q. You said it wasn't the key point. You seemed to be very angry and upset after that.
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, because I serve 40-Love to go to the tiebreak, then I lost a few points, then I was in a fifth set.

Q. Most people are saying it's the best match of the tournament so far. Does that make you feel any better?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Not really. I'm looking always trying to win no matter what, even if you play ugly.
But today I feel the ball much better than the first match. This is my first tournament of the year. I think this can be a good year again.

Q. In the fifth set you dropped your opening service game and broke the racquet, was that frustration from the call at the end of the fourth set?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: No. Too many questions for one point. We played more than 200 points. It was important, for sure, but it wasn't the key of the match.

Q. What happened in the fifth set? Was it fatigue?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: No, I feel okay. I mean, I play five sets last match. But I wasn't tired really. I feel a little bit sore, my knee. It was really tough to return and to serve. I didn't feel my best form in that two shots.

Q. Earlier in the match you hit a winner, an amazing rally, and Roddick applauded you. Did you feel at that point the match was yours?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I just feel that control of the match when I was in the fourth set, that game that he served Love-30, then breakpoint, and then on my serve I was feeling that I was playing comfortable 'cause, I mean, the past match against Andy I did a mistake, making too much slice, and he was playing really comfortable. And when he serve, he puts me a lot of pressure. Then I have to serve good to hold my serve.
Today wasn't that case. So I feel much better today against him.

Q. Did you feel at home with the fans?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, it's really excited to come here. Really far away, and you have a lot of support from the Chileans.

Q. What's with the whistling? The fans were whistling.

Q. What is that?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: It's a typical dance and music from Chile, like the rhythm. You have to come there and you will understand.

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