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January 25, 2010

Na Li


N. LI/C. Wozniacki
6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What does it feel like to be making your first Australian Open appearance in the quarterfinal with another Chinese player?
NA LI: Nothing better. (Smiling.) Yeah, I mean good for us. Both player come to quarterfinal.

Q. Why were you the better player today?
NA LI: Why?

Q. Why were you better than Caroline?
NA LI: Maybe I eat Chinese food. (Laughter.) No, I was play aggressive today. I know she's good player, and I also I play her in -- last week in Sydney. So it was tough match.
I know if I give her a chance, maybe she just beat me. So I was trying to hold on every point. I didn't want to give her chance.

Q. What were conditions like in the second set, particularly the serving? There were a lot service breaks. Was that due to conditions?
NA LI: I really didn't know. I mean --

Q. Did you feel the pressure?
NA LI: I think -- I mean, if you win first set and the second set was up, I think everyone was nervous. (Smiling.) Yeah.
Also, the opponent, they didn't give you the match. You have to play. Yeah.

Q. You beat Venus at the Olympics and she spoke this week about how highly she regarded playing at the Olympics. How big a win was that for you, and can you remember a bit about that game?
NA LI: I don't really remember because it was one and a half years already. Yeah, so I know the match. I mean, it was good experience for me, for my tennis, also.
But I just want to forget, because I will play her again. So I didn't want always think about the last match. I want to looking forward.

Q. What do you have to do to play well against her?
NA LI: Maybe just like today. Enjoy the tennis. Don't think too much. Yeah.

Q. Is it easy to be intimidated by the Williams' sisters when you play them?
NA LI: I know it's tough, but I mean, you have to play Venus first and then Serena.
So, yeah, I'm not think about Serena. I only think about Venus.

Q. You balanced injuries throughout your career. I'm just wondering about your physical state right now. Is it very good? The best it's been? Can you tell me more?
NA LI: Last year I didn't play Australian Open because I have knee surgery. Yeah, but now much better. Everyone can see I was running so fast on the court. So that's why I have one physio come with me, and also tennis coach and husband, so we have the big team. Yeah.

Q. Do you feel you're playing the best tennis of your career right now?
NA LI: Hopefully not. I want more better. (Laughter.)

Q. Why do you think the Chinese women are playing so well in the last few years?
NA LI: Why?

Q. Yeah.
NA LI: Because we are working so hard. (Smiling.) Actually, in China also have good man player, but right now they didn't have high ranking so they always play small tournaments.
But I still believe after three years they come more best of men China tennis player. Yeah.

Q. When you start your career, the main goal was Olympic Games. After Olympic Games, what is the goal now for and you other Chinese player?
NA LI: I don't know how is for other Chinese player. But for me, this year I want come to top 10.
I don't know how is another Chinese goal. But, yeah, this is my goal.

Q. Australian Open is first Grand Slam of the year. Obviously very important. What do you think about Australian Open importance to the season?
NA LI: I think -- I mean, if you play well in Australian Open you have more confident play after tournament. Also, I mean, difficult for player actually is for the weather. In Europe Asia, now it's wintertime, but Australia it's summer.
That's why I always coming earlier in Australia, to more practice for the weather. Yeah.

Q. Do you feel better about the way you're training now since you left the state sport system, the Chinese Tennis Association? Are you training better now?
NA LI: Now I'm still national team player. Yeah, I mean, if they ask me to play Fed Cup Asia again, everything, I can give up everything. I just back to national team.

Q. Tell us about your tattoo.
NA LI: Yeah, because I was 16 years old with my boyfriend. Yeah, now it's my husband. So I just want for the long time to have something to do for the love. Yeah.

Q. What is it?
NA LI: Rose with heart.

Q. You kept it covered up for a long time. Was it a big decision not to cover it anymore when you play?
NA LI: Maybe after February I will take off, but right now I didn't want do that.

Q. You mentioned after I think your last opponent in round three that you went to Chinatown and you had some spicy Chinese food that hurt your stomach. It tasted great, but made you a little bit sick. Have you been back to the same restaurant? What are you doing now?
NA LI: Actually I was eat two days in a row in Chinese. If I feeling stomach was a little bit uncomfortable I would go Korea. And then feeling better, I go back Chinese food again. (Laughing.)
Yeah, I mean, I love Chinese food, so I was -- around of the world I always found Chinese restaurant. Yeah. I mean, good for my stomach. I know sometimes bad, but I still love it.

Q. Is it Korean or Chinese tonight?
NA LI: Because yesterday was Korea, so maybe today I go Chinese. (Laughter.) Yeah.

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