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January 28, 2010

Na Li


7-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How disappointed are you?
NA LI: Not so bad (smiling).

Q. Not so bad?
NA LI: Yeah. I mean, I lose the match, of course, I was a little bit sad. Stop in the semifinal.
But, I mean, I was more -- yeah, I mean, good day for my tennis. I was play well today also.

Q. What was the difference between you and Serena?
NA LI: Everyone is different.

Q. But in your games. Was her serve slightly different; better than yours? Where do you think she won it?
NA LI: I mean, everyone saw the match. Everyone should be know. She have big serve, yeah.

Q. Have you played many tiebreakers before?
NA LI: You mean, for my whole life?

Q. Yes.
NA LI: Of course.

Q. I ask that because some people say that you have to have experience in tiebreakers. So it wasn't an advantage for the two sets to go to tiebreaks?
NA LI: I think if the player, everyone, they want to win the easy match. They don't want to play tiebreak.
But, I mean, if you want, maybe the opponent, they didn't give you chance. Also today, I mean, yeah, tough match.

Q. Were you tired in the second set tiebreaker? You looked a little tired.
NA LI: I think maybe she's tired also because we played two hours on the court. I mean, if someone running two hours on the court, I think nobody still exciting. I think everyone was tired after two hours.

Q. This was a great day for China, for you two women. Where are the men? Where are the Chinese men?
NA LI: The Chinese men in China (smiling).

Q. It's the question we always ask. What are they doing in China, all these men?
NA LI: They still sleeping. They didn't wake up. I was waiting they wake up also, yeah (smiling).

Q. There are not as many interested among the men as the women, is that correct?
NA LI: No, they have many, many men player in China.

Q. They're not of world class. You're a world-class player.
NA LI: They're still sleep. They didn't wake up. Someday they will wake up.

Q. Have you set any new goals as a result of your success here?
NA LI: The goal?

Q. Yes.
NA LI: Yeah, actually for me this year the goal was top 10. But now I get. So next, maybe top five, like step by step, yeah.

Q. Did you think the crowd was on your side today?
NA LI: I think beginning of the match was for her. But after I think second set, 6-All, come to a tiebreak, I think the crowd was coming.

Q. After they saw how hard you were fighting?
NA LI: Yeah, yeah.

Q. What did you learn today from playing Serena? What was the main thing you took out of that match?
NA LI: I think that I have to practice much, much more the serve, yeah. I mean, I have breakpoint, but she just play ace. I mean, I have deuce back. And also she serve game was play so easy. But, I mean, like if she want win the point, just ace.
So, yeah, after match, I was talk to my team, talk to the coach. You have to work on a lot for the serve.

Q. Was a woman named Yu Li Chow (phonetic) a coach of yours at one point?
NA LI: Yes.

Q. In the early years?
NA LI: Like I was 12 years old, yeah.

Q. Is this coach still around?
NA LI: This coach now is teaching for the juniors, yeah, in my hometown.

Q. Will you play the Fed Cup?
NA LI: No. The Federation didn't decide, so we don't know yet.

Q. Do you want to play?
NA LI: Of course. Why not?

Q. The Frenchman is the captain?
NA LI: Actually, I don't know. Actually, Federation didn't contact me. I didn't know nothing. So I have to go back to Beijing and talk with Federation and then see how it's going on.

Q. Did you get any text messages from any important people back in China to congratulate you on your efforts here?
NA LI: Yeah, a lot. Like yesterday, just after match, like 20 text message from my friend. And today also, I lose the match, but they still say, Have good tournament here.

Q. Including the prime minister, or not?
NA LI: My husband is here, so nothing important.

Q. What does it mean to China to have you play so well and Jie Zheng? Can you see tennis developing even more in China?
NA LI: I mean, was first time two Chinese player same time play semifinal in Grand Slam. Good for both player. Of course, I think also good for China tennis.
I think if the children, they saw this time, maybe they have more confident. They think maybe someday they can do also, yeah. I think - how you say - was exciting day, yeah.

Q. Was your match shown on Chinese television?
NA LI: I think so.

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