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January 31, 2010

Oliver Wilson


OLIVER WILSON: Well, you know, the courtesy car driver was a bit excited to get his hand on the 745 I think, nice BMW and took off a bit quick, and I was just looking at my phone and he suddenly slammed on the brakes, and by the time I looked up, all I could see was a white transit van halfway up the bonnet. We got into him pretty hard. I wasn't quite sure what happened.
So, you know, I just got a bit winded from it. A good job I got the seatbelt on. If I had not had the seatbelt on, it would have been quite messy. So good outfit for those, anyway.
I was all right. I got the winded and went to have some physio to make sure everything right, and seems like everything is cool. The driver was fine, as well, but the car is not in too good of shape.

Q. Not the ideal preparation. I don't imagine that has ever happened to you before?
OLIVER WILSON: No, it hasn't. It wasn't the ideal preparation, but my Mum told me always to allow time in case things like that happen. So on this occasion, it was all right. I had plenty of time to get sorted out. You know, it was fine. Obviously not ideal, but everyone was safe and got sorted out after.

Q. As for the round and the tournament, how do you reflect the four days?
OLIVER WILSON: Considering I've never done any good out in the Middle East, I should be pretty happy, especially on a course like this that is sort of a bomber's paradise. I should be pretty happy I think, second week back.
Obviously last week didn't go according to plan but there's a lot of positives this week. I really just couldn't hole anything today. I had tons of chances and hit it pretty good. I felt pretty good out there, but just couldn't get it in the hole and missed a couple short ones. So costly, really, when you look up and see that you are not actually that far back.
But all in all, standing on 16 tee, I would have been pretty happy to take what I finished with, three birdies, and hope to continue that into Dubai.

Q. Bodes well for next week?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, the game is in good shape. So I've been practising now, sort of four weeks in a row now. I've had had a couple of weeks practise before the last two weeks, so I'll have a day off tomorrow, looking forward to that, and get back on it Tuesday and Wednesday.

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