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January 31, 2010

Lee Westwood


LEE WESTWOOD: It's hard to imagine anything else going wrong this week, so 11-under is an unbelievable score.
I took like virtually all the back nine with a 3-wood. Obviously the driver -- you can't play this golf course in the rough. Every time I pulled the driver out, it went in the left rough, and it's tough to play with a 3-wood because it's such a long golf course.
I think long, straight driving is obviously one of my strengths and you take somebody's strength away from them, it's going to be very difficult to compete.

Q. A beautiful battle with a man who was eventually the winner and went pretty much down to the wire.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, pretty much, like I said, I struggled with the driver, once I smashed the face in on the 11th yesterday and I think I hit two fairways after that with the driver, which is not like me at all.
So all credit to Robert. So every credit to Robert, some good shots coming in, got within one of him. And then hit a good shot into 14 and he followed up hitting it in there stiff I and finished with a couple of birdies for the grand slam finish. So the deserved winner.

Q. Quite something to come back from the troubles that he had from last season and good to see him winning again?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, troubles that you can't do anything about, a medical problem with his eyes. I don't know where he is in the world, he's somewhere in the 30s and that's obviously a false position for him because he's a far better player than that.
And a win will obviously give him a lot of confidence and he is, you know, what you would regard a regular winner on The European Tour so he's probably back where he belongs.

Q. You're back where you belong pretty much after all of these misgivings this week to find yourself still up on the leaderboard.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, listen, these three weeks are really my preseason training for the rest of the year. You know, I'm giving 100 per cent but at the end of the day, last week I was very rusty, this week, nothing else could go wrong, I don't think.
I've been doing a lot of gym work which I would like to do at this time of the year to get strong for the majors and majors are what I'm basing my year around now, so I'm pleased with the way the year started.

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