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January 31, 2010

Alex Prugh


Q. 11-under par for the tournament today. Talk about a couple of shots on that back nine. You chip in on 12 and the big eagle at 13.
ALEX PRUGH: Actually, I mean, I didn't hit very good shots to lead up to there. Fortunately had a great pitch on 12 there, just a little outside right and rolled and hit the pin dead center fortunately. Made that up-and-down a lot easier, actually, when you don't have to putt.
And then the next hole honestly 13 I hit a real poor drive into the right bunker, but I had a nice little 5-wood, a lot of green long of it and didn't really want to have to lay up and hit a third blind shot, so I'm like, oh, let's just go for it, hit a 5-wood up there. I'm like, it should be on the green, and then all of a sudden the cheers were going pretty loud out there. I kind of walked up, and was like, oh, kick-in, even better.

Q. It's one thing to have a good week as a rookie on the PGA TOUR, but you've had back-to-back now. You've got to feel pretty good about that.
ALEX PRUGH: Very well. I mean, last week I was hitting the ball really well and scrambling when I needed to. I wasn't hitting the ball as well this week. But my short game kept me in it. My caddie and I had a lot of great reads out there, and I was at least giving myself opportunities to save par or scramble for birdie.

Q. So Top 10 here or better gets you into Los Angeles next week. Is that on the schedule now?
ALEX PRUGH: Definitely is. I was talking to my fiancé, and she was like, I really hope to see you tomorrow, but at the same time I hope not to. That was her roundabout way of saying play well tomorrow. Unfortunately I'll have to delay seeing her at least one more week, but definitely planning on going and playing LA.

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