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July 30, 1999

Juli Inkster


KIRSTEN SEABORG: You said a little while ago it was a crazy day. On your score card, or you mean in general?

JULI INKSTER: On my score card. It was -- I didn't play very well, but I scored okay. I didn't hit the ball very well. I was struggling with my swing out there. But I think I only hit 11 greens out there. I survived. Hopefully, this is my toughest day, and I can get a little more consistent with my golf swing.

KIRSTEN SEABORG: Go over your card.

JULI INKSTER: Sure that would be great. No. 13, I hit it right in the fairway, pushed my 7-iron in the right bunker, had an impossible shot. Hit out, missed about a 15-footer; made bogey. 15, I hit 8-iron about twelve feet; made that for birdie. 18, I hit in two. I had about a 15-footer straight down hill, 2-putted, took about a 6-incher for birdie. I hit 4-iron in there. No. 2, I hit a 9-iron, and it hit up and rolled back down to about a foot away; made that for birdie. No. 3, I hit it in the right rough, so I chipped out, hit a sand wedge on, and 3-putted. So that was a nice way to play that hole. I missed about a 3-footer, curly putt for my third one. No. 4, I hit 8-iron about ten feet; made that for birdie. No. 5, I chunked my sand wedge in the bunker, hit out, and missed about a 10-footer for par. Made bogey. No. 7, I hit it in the right rough, hit it over the green, chipped it in. Basic birdie. It was just behind the hole. Just like from here to that thing, 15 feet, 20 feet. Then No. 9, I hit sand wedge in there about twelve feet; made that for birdie.

Q. What does that say about the state of your game when you are out there and you realize you got a million swing thoughts going and maybe not playing that well, yet you still piece together a --

JULI INKSTER: I am really proud the way I scored today, because it was not pretty. But I just hung in there. I mean, the good thing about it is sooner or later I thought I could get something to click. It just never happened. Hopefully I can go out on the range and find the key. But you know, my short game bailed me out today. I made some -- it is not like I hit it bad all day. I just hit some squirrely shots out there. I hit some good iron shots when I needed to hit them. Wasn't like it was all bad. It is just -- I don't feel very comfortable with my driver, so.....

Q. If you are playing the way you did today, say, first two, three weeks of the year, are you more likely to finish with about a 75?

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, exactly. I am playing with a lot of momentum right now. I am playing with a lot of confidence right now, so I just know it is -- like I made a stupid bogey on 3 and 5, I mean, that is like losing three shots to the field. You know what, I come back and make some good birdies coming in. Just trying to stay patient.

Q. Why do so many women seem to putt cross-handed compared to the men?

JULI INKSTER: I don't know. I don't know. But I am not going back. I do probably 75% cross-handed and 25% conventional. I don't know, I just feel more comfortable with it. I just did it on a whim in Rochester two years ago and I just haven't gone back.

Q. I read some research where they say it eliminates choking. Sometimes when golfers choke, they pull their putt --

JULI INKSTER: I definitely think it keeps you more solid through the hitting area. But a lot of people are very solid through the hitting area conventional. So it just -- it is just kind of what feels best for you.

Q. You were talking position early in the week. Any complaints?

JULI INKSTER: No, I am very happy with where I am. My food will taste a little better if I can find something out on the range, but very happy with where I am and just tells me I cannot have my best striking ball day and still shoot under par here, so.....

Q. What are you doing this afternoon?

JULI INKSTER: We are going to Banff. Maybe I will find a swing in Banff; that is what I am hoping for.

Q. What are you going to do there?

JULI INKSTER: I don't know.

Q. Just look?

JULI INKSTER: Look around and horseback riding, they want to go horseback riding. We will find something to do.

Q. You said yesterday that you felt some of the older players maybe should get more in tune with the media. Do you mean approaching the media? Do you mean more exposure?

JULI INKSTER: No, I just think maybe a little more -- giving them a little more of your time if they need it. I think the hardest part is -- I have found out in the last few months is just trying to schedule enough time to do your work out here and also relax a little bit, also deal with the media. I mean, it is a hard thing to balance. I just think sometimes if the media can get together in one spot and we can answer all the questions instead of you saying, well, I have just got a couple more questions, or I have got a couple more, and get it done, I think it would give us a little more time to concentrate on what we are trying to do.

Q. Bigger picture, though, do you still think the women's game needs more exposure?

JULI INKSTER: It does. No doubt about it. We get the exposure from you guys and from TV and the galleries out here are great, getting some good exposure that way, so I think every week is just -- I think we are getting better and better at it.

Q. Feeling at all that this could be your week?

JULI INKSTER: You know, I really think every time I tee it up I feel like I can win. I feel like it could be my week. I like my position -- got two more days of golf and looking forward to it.

Q. Not to be nosey, but is that a card from a fan?

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, it is. She has got really small writing. They do that in Edmonton, I guess.

End of FastScripts....

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