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January 29, 2010

Oliver Wilson


Q. How satisfied are you with these two rounds and where it puts you in the tournament?
OLIVER WILSON: I was very satisfied yesterday. I'm not very satisfied today. I had so many chances. Just couldn't find the hole. A little bit confused with the greens and the slope. The pins were trickier today, or felt like it, anyway. I was clueless on the greens and didn't know what was going on.
It was nice to hole a couple coming in. I holed a 25-footer on 6 and then birdied the next, but I felt I should have been 4- or 5-under today. I had a lot of chances.

Q. Not often a golfer says he was clueless on the greens; what do you about that?
OLIVER WILSON: I don't know. If you know, tell me. I don't know. Probably go and do some more work, and putt around the green and read it.
I think yesterday, obviously in the afternoon, the greens are a bit more severe. So I was reading it well with the grain, and today I don't think the grain was really doing that much. So I was under-reading them, over-reading them to start with, then under-reading them and over-reading them at the end.
I guess I just tried to keep doing the same things and try to keep the same routine, read them the same and trust it will happen; and after 13, 14 holes. It gets a bit frustrating.

Q. Talking about the conversation you've been having with yourself over Christmas and that kind of break and what you've been thinking about for the future?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, obviously keep doing what I'm doing. All of the stuff I've done over Christmas has paid dividends. I feel like I'm much better for it. Today I didn't feel comfortable out there with the golf swing, but I was still able to hit shots and made no bogeys today which was nice. Just have to keep doing the same process and stick with it even when you have frustrating days like today.

Q. Do you have specific steps to get over this hurdle of winning a tournament?
OLIVER WILSON: I think you can take, from the mental side, if you do the right things physically, you can take confidence from that. But I haven't really done anything specific mentally. Just catch yourself when you think a few negative thoughts out there.
I was frustrated with straight pars, and the tougher holes coming in, you tend to get a few negative thoughts in your head; hopefully you don't make a bogey and then you'll be really annoyed. I set myself a goal to pick up a couple coming in and I managed to do that, and that's another little positive.

Q. So what are you going to Tweet about this afternoon?
OLIVER WILSON: I don't know. We'll have to see. I haven't got anything in mind at the moment. We'll see how practise goes, but I was Tweeting about my name yesterday, making sure everyone got it right. Keep getting misrepresented.

Q. 7-under going into the weekend, tell us after your 67 today, are you disappointed with your 2-under today?
OLIVER WILSON: A little disappointed. I played pretty good today, had a lot of chances and didn't make -- no bogeys and two birdies. So a little frustrating when the weather is as good as it is and you have to take advantage of it.
I felt like certainly let a lot of people catch up behind me and overtake me, as well. Still positive day, 2-under, not the end of the world and I can try and have a good weekend.

Q. Just trying to stay patient for tomorrow and keep your game going.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, just keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens. Still only second week back and I'm in the process of changing a few things. So it's not really, really comfortable yet. But if I can keep doing what I'm doing, hopefully it will click over the weekend and I'll move up the leaderboard.

Q. Is that the quintessential patient day?
OLIVER WILSON: I guess. It was getting very, very frustrating. It was nice to get something out of the round at the end, pick up a couple coming in. I had so many chances today and just could not figure out the greens. I was, you know, like I said earlier, I was clueless. You miss a few low and you think the grain is doing more than you've been allowing. So then you allow for a bit more grain on the next and it's completely opposite and you just get confused.
That's something I've got to learn to deal with on grain. Historically I have not been great on grain. I've improved a lot but still have days like this, so you know, I'll go and work on it now, try and figure it out a little bit. As long as I can keep hitting good putts, then I hope some will drop.

Q. Not only the greens themselves but the when weather is as benign as it is today, you think a round of 70, probably come back to the field a little bit?
OLIVER WILSON: That's the downside about it. Yesterday I actually separated myself a little bit and gave myself -- I know there's a few people on 4, but the main part of the pack was two or three back, at least.
So if I could have a low one today, puts you in very strong position over the weekend but that wasn't to be. But that being said, I'm back in the pack a little bit, but it's still, even when conditions are like this, it's still hard to score, because you still have to get it close to the hole and then hole the putt. A bit frustrated that I didn't take advantage of it, especially after shooting 5-under in bad conditions and 2-under in perfect conditions. Not the end of the world but try to do better over the weekend.

Q. When was the last time you felt clueless?
OLIVER WILSON: Last time I was on grain. I think last week, that was clueless, as well. But I'm getting better at the grain. The grain has been tricky for me. Through my career, I've improved a lot, but I've never really done that well on it. I think Doral was my best putting week on grain, and I putted great there. I'm getting better.
Although I haven't holed hardly anything today, I'm still I feel solid over holing out and that kind of stuff. So I'm definitely getting better and maybe something will click.
It's one of those things, you hole a couple early on and you seem to keep holing them but when you start lipping out early on and miss a few chances, it's tough to keep trusting the read. That's what you've got to do out here.

Q. Lee Westwood has been recording when he first met you but you don't like talking about it; what do you recall?
OLIVER WILSON: I think he's regretting talking about it. He let himself in for it at the HSBC at the Caddie Awards, he told a story about obviously we are both from Nottingham. And I can't remember, I think I was like 12 or 13 and he was 19 maybe, something like that. Don't want it make him older than he is. But he was County Boys sort of champ captain and a bit of a legend around our way and they came over to play the Oakmere Juniors, and I was on the team and I was lucky enough to caddie Lee's bag. So managed to watch him for 18 holes and he allowed me to pull one club on a drivable par 4 and he said, "You think 3-wood"?
I said, "No, definitely drive." It was like 280 yards. It was miles. And he flew the green by about 30 yards. So that was the last club he allowed me to pull.
It was great. I learned a lot and one of those little things along the way that inspire you, and it's pretty cool that we are both out here playing today.

Q. He remembered you as being 11 and barely able to carry the bag.
OLIVER WILSON: I might have been 11, but I was pretty strong for my age.

Q. While you might not be the very best of friends, there is a great friendship and amicability coming from the same county and following each other's careers?
OLIVER WILSON: Lee is a lot further advanced in his career and somebody I pay a lot of attention to how he does things. His year last year was fantastic and is something to aspire to.
And being local, you know, I always think back to The Ryder Cup when he was one of the players or the only player, really, that called me beforehand and he was the first person I spoke to, actually, from the team, more the whole surroundings of it. He just had a quiet word: "If there's anything you need, you'll have a great time, enjoy it, don't worry about a thing, I'm here if you need any advice." Someone in his position, to do that is fantastic and you realise how good of a person he is for doing that.

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