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January 29, 2010

Niclas Fasth


Q. Tell me about two consistent days, isn't it?
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, especially yesterday. I was really, really pleased. I was striking the ball beautifully and most of it carried through to today. Couldn't really get any birdies today, but obviously more reasonable conditions today.
But overall, I'm very pleased. Starting to feel good about the game again and although not putting great yet, starting to catch up with the rest of the game. It's been building on the last Open where I played better and better without scoring, but now it's starting to come at least. It's a good start.

Q. Is that one of the things with this crazy game, the windy conditions in the first day, you're entirely happy with the way things are gone, and today benign and didn't quite work out as planned.
NICLAS FASTH: It could be either or really. Yesterday I had a really, really solid round and today was good.

Q. Stating the obvious, but this position into the weekend is good?
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, absolutely. I'll be a few behind but it's a good start to the tournament, and to win it, I still have to play a brilliant weekend and fair enough. Brilliant weekend will still do it, and anything less is probably going to finish second.

Q. How was winter for you?
NICLAS FASTH: Very quiet, lots of rest. I had a tough year last year. Played maybe a few events too many. Needed a rest. Had one and loved it. It was good.

Q. And this was home in Sweden or elsewhere?
NICLAS FASTH: Mainly home in Ascot. But I did spend a couple of weeks in Sweden over Christmas and new year, very, very cold and very, very nice so it was cold.

Q. Actually both places cold and nice.
NICLAS FASTH: Well, I didn't enjoy it as much in Ascot. It's not made for snow, is it.

Q. Having the relaxation after what you said was a tough time, beneficial just to get the batteries all up and charged for the season?
NICLAS FASTH: Absolutely. Absolutely. I did a bit of practise in December at home but it's all pretty easy stuff and I kept working out, feeling good and resting and it's good.

Q. Seemed every time we spoke last year it was about changes to your game and the swing; are they sort of embedded now, settled?
NICLAS FASTH: It's a gradual thing. Last year, I didn't really do much to the swing the second half of the year. It's settling very nicely, and I wasn't quite there last week, but much much more so this week.

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