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January 29, 2010

Matt Every


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Matt Every, thanks for joining us here after a second round 70 on the South Course followed up from yesterday's 65 on the North Course. Certainly a good start to your year at the Farmers Insurance Open. Maybe some opening comments from you.
MATT EVERY: Just happy to be here, really. I mean, I'm just happy the way I'm playing. You know, every week I know I'm capable of being near the top, and last week was a little rough. I didn't putt real well, and I'm just glad I didn't place too much importance on that, just kind of showed me a lot that I could kind of just let that go and come here and play well, because these greens are -- don't roll nowhere near as pure as last week. It's good.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Maybe just a couple comments about this is your rookie year on the TOUR. You played the Nationwide Tour last year, finished top of the Money List, but maybe a quick synopsis of your golf career for those who aren't familiar.
MATT EVERY: Sure. Got out of college in '06 out of Florida, came out, got a couple sponsor invites, didn't really do anything with them. And then went to Q-school my first year, missed second stage.
Then my next year I went, missed getting my card by two. Then played the Nationwide Tour, finished like 34th on the Money List.
Went to Q-school the next year, missed by three getting my card. Played the Nationwide Tour all last year, and then I won the TOUR Championship, really just covered up a bunch of crap, man, because I really didn't play good at all the whole year. So it was kind of good timing. So that's how I got here.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Well, you're in good shape, a couple shots off the lead heading into the weekend. We'll take some questions now.

Q. When did you get married?
MATT EVERY: August 15th last year.

Q. When was the Nationwide finale?
MATT EVERY: It was probably in October sometime, maybe early November, late October.

Q. So soon after that?

Q. A lot of changes right there in a short order of time.
MATT EVERY: There was a lot of changes, man, but it was good change.

Q. Where did you know her from, school?

Q. You're probably not surprised that guys like Prugh and Tidland and yourself are doing okay out here right off the Nationwide?
MATT EVERY: Yeah, I mean, Alex is a really good player, so is Chris. The level of play, the high level of play on the Nationwide Tour, when you come out to the PGA TOUR, there's probably not that big of a difference. I mean, they're going to fit in just fine. You know, then you have your superstars. I'm not surprised at all, man. There's tons of good players on the Nationwide Tour. It's just hard to get out here.

Q. Who's winning the battle -- the income earning battle between you and Lockey? He's racked up a couple gold medals.
MATT EVERY: He's doing fine, I think. I don't know how much Speedo is paying him, but I don't know how that works with swimming, if you get paid for winning and stuff. I have no idea.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Can we go through your round? A little bit of an up-and-down round, but more birdies than bogeys today. If we can start out with your round.
MATT EVERY: Yeah. I bogeyed 11 right off the bat, missed like a four-footer.
Then had a really good up-and-down on 13, short-sided myself.
14, I made a nice putt.
Then 15, I had a sick chip-in. It was probably 40 yards away from the role to the right of the green, and it went in good.
Three-putted 17.
Birdied 3, that was a good shot I hit this there.
And then I three-putted 5.
And birdied 6. That was it.

Q. You did have a little bit of a stretch on the back, your front nine, where you were going pretty well. After that a lot of pars. Par is kind of what you're playing for on the South Course?
MATT EVERY: Maybe a little bit. When you drive it in the rough, pars are what -- with the new grooves you've kind of got to guard against the flier a little bit, so the back pins can't really -- if I've got 180 into the breeze, it's probably a chip 5, but I can't hit that shot because if it comes out jumping it's going to go 200, and you're making bogey. It's better to be 30 feet short and putting up the hill.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Matt, thank you very much. Good luck the rest of the week.

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