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January 28, 2010

Marcel Siem


Q. How good was it today, given the conditions?
MARCEL SIEM: I think it was one of the best rounds I've played in my life really. I hit the ball high, so it was tough for me to keep the ball low and I have to keep the ball low this week, especially today.
I had one stupid miss on 17, not enough club and the rest of the day I played really smart and was waiting for my chances and went out really well, so I'm pretty happy.

Q. You have had some exceptional rounds, so that's saying quite something to say this is one of the best?
MARCEL SIEM: One of the best, but because of the conditions. If I have no wind, tough courses, I have a high ball flight so I don't have problems with hard greens and today I really have to keep the ball low and my clubface is open, really, really open it's so hard work for me. That's why I'm really proud of myself. There's a lot of feeling involved today for me.
Other players which keep the ball low anyways, it's not that tough for them. For everybody, it's tough, but for me especially it's a lot tougher to keep the ball low.

Q. We spoke last season about patience and discipline and you felt that you were getting stronger in that department, so that is another step in the right direction, is it?
MARCEL SIEM: I think so, yeah, especially the last five tournaments last year, I had to play well to keep my card and all of the sudden I was 72 before Hong Kong and I had a chance to get into Dubai but I didn't get into the tournament. I really stayed calm the rest of the season and played well.
I hope I can keep it going now with that kind of attitude. I will always show emotions, that's me, but I definitely have to get rid of the double bogeys and stuff when I lose my head, and I think I'm in a good way there.

Q. Is it a confidence boost, as well, coming through the season you had last year and knowing you got it when the pressure is on?
MARCEL SIEM: Definitely, so it's always -- the pressure at the beginning of the year is definitely less, but I have to get in this mind-set the same mind-set in the end of the year when I have to keep my card and fight for my card.
So it would be great to have that kind of pressure at the beginning of the year, so I really tried to focus on bigger goals for myself, so maybe this is a good chance to get a bit more pressure for myself.

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