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January 23, 2010

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: A lot tougher than Thursday, Friday. The wind was up today and we have been very fortunate the first two days to get some really low scores around here, but today that wind was up and a lot of holes were playing cross-wind so it makes it tougher.

Q. Nonetheless, you did get yourself into a position at one point, for example, you were the joint leader, weren't you?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, exactly. I was doing good at the beginning, really nice to get off to a good start, two early birdies and then made one on the par 5, 10th, as well, so things were going good.
But yes, missed a few fairways, 13, 14, and didn't control the ball out of the rough. So I ended up short-siding myself in both 13 and 14, and unfortunately, two bogeys.

Q. And up to that point, of course, you have not had a bogey all through the tournament, and suddenly, as so often happens, you get one and then comes another.
PETER HANSON: Exactly. A bit frustrated, definitely on 14, not making that up-and-down after a fantastic bunker shot. So it was good to get together and it was nice to finish up with a four on the last.

Q. That all helps, be if you finish off with a birdie it sends you off to bed in a much better frame of mind.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it does. I think the way it is now, Martin is 15 and two shots tomorrow, a lot easier than having three shots.

Q. Do you feel you can win it?
PETER HANSON: Absolutely. I feel that I'm playing good enough, so it's all about getting off to a good start tomorrow. I know Kaymer is up there; Rory is up there. It's a strong field this week, so I know I have to play well.

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