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January 22, 2010

Chris Wood


Q. Great round of golf today.
CHRIS WOOD: I played really solid today. Never really felt like I was going to make many mistakes, and I just played very, very steady.

Q. Bit of a shame to 3-putt last but all in all, 69-64 over two days around the golf course, it's 7,500 yards, you obviously like this place and it suits your game?
CHRIS WOOD: The green is so big on the last, I actually hit a pretty good shot into it and that's quite a tough putt up over across the ridges and I sort of hit quite a good first putt. And the second one, a little spike mark was in the way and I thought it was a dead-straight putt and it just went a little right.
It's a little disappointing, because I didn't birdie any of the par 5s today, and almost an opportunity gone really, but you know, you can't complain with 64.

Q. Living in England, the weather has been atrocious, how have you prepared for this?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, I played last week in Joburg. I actually hit quite a lot of good shots. I've been working a lot on my game at home. Just in the range and indoors and I'm putting on carpet and things like that, that obviously is not the same.
But wanted to play Joburg as a warmup and missed the cut there and came up to Dubai Saturday night and had a good day's practise at the Els Club in Dubai just to shorten my short game up really and I've been here all week. I feel like I'm just about getting back into it now.

Q. A little bit of back trouble; tell us about that.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, sort of started in the US PGA last year, slipped a joint in my back there on the Tuesday and struggled through that week. And ever since then, every day I seem to wake up with my back slightly out and I've got to click it or manipulate it back into place.
Yesterday was one of the worst days for a while. It feels like someone's sort of pushing your leg up through your body and it's just completely jammed, and actually sort of let down a couple of times on the course to try and click it back into place and a few times today. It's a lot better but still needs a lot of work so I'm going to see my physio now.

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