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January 22, 2010

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: It was steady, I think. A couple of shots which really was concentration error, rather than actually anything else, which led to two bogeys, which was a shame, and a few missed putts.
Didn't get the pace of the greens early, rushed the putt probably four foot past on the first hole, and from there, you know, just struggled a little bit with pace, but I played nicely. So I gave myself a few chances, took a couple of them and missed a few chances. So it's all good for the weekend.

Q. You're actually in a wonderful position, weren't you, and there are still reflections of Singapore going on, I guess?
IAN POULTER: Sure. Yesterday was very pleasing to come out and play like that. I've drove the ball very solid again today and give myself a few chances, if I stay concentrated on the weekend, then I'm sure I'm going to have half a chance.

Q. When you are playing as well as this, you like the place?
IAN POULTER: The golf course is in great condition and the greens are pure. So if you can hit decent tee shots, keep it out of that rough, you're going to give yourself quite a few chances.

Q. I heard Rory McIlroy saying there was a slight problem with the greens in that they are not quite as greens as you're used to and the grain is a bit tricky to read.
IAN POULTER: I don't find that. I think the grass is very similar to what I'm used to a bit in the States.
So to be honest with you, I quite like it. I like them it browning out. I can still read the grain with them cut down as short as they are, they are not really being affected too much by grain.

Q. A good part of the world to come at start of the year, almost goes without saying?
IAN POULTER: Absolutely. It's very nice.

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