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January 22, 2010

Peter Hanson


PETER HANSON: It was very similar to yesterday, so what can I say? It wasn't as easy as yesterday. I had to fight a bit more today and made a couple of good up-and-downs out there to keep that bogey-free -- that second bogey-free round in a row so that's nice.

Q. I state the obvious, but it's good to get that consistency, because it's not always there, particularly early on in the season?
PETER HANSON: Like I said yesterday, I'm feeling good about my game. Hitting the ball okay and making a few putts. It feels like when you don't drop shots, it feels like you are going forward all the time. Makes it nice. You don't lose any momentum, so that's what it's been, six birdies yesterday and five today.

Q. Presumably over two days like that, you can just feel fairly relaxed about things and confident; you're pretty relaxed, in I way?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, I mean, I try to be. So same thing, but really helps you be calm and be in the right mode when you don't drop any shots. So it's nice to have that feel and like I said keep the momentum and keep making birdies and been hitting a lot of greens and today I made, like I said, two or three really good up-and-downs to save par and keep that going.

Q. Do you think there was a little sense of surprise, even amongst the players, at how good the scoring was over the first day, maybe not so much a surprise on the second day because you would expect the same again, but 11-under is quite a score, isn't it at the halfway stage?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it is. I was quite surprised as well. When I started warming up yesterday for lunch, I saw four or five guys, 6-under par, and I think that really helped me was well, because then you get into the thing, I have to put up a good score to be in this tournament to begin with.
It's always harder when you tee off the in morning, you don't really know how the course is going to be playing and what kind of score is out there. Of course the guys today in the afternoon, they have the same opportunity and advantage we had yesterday. They see me and Sergio, we posted 11, so if they can get to 10,11, 12, they will be leading.

Q. Was it any different playing morning with that little bit of dew they had on the grass with the for they had in this part of the world?
PETER HANSON: Maybe a bit harder to hit out of the rough but on the other hand, the greens are a little bit softer and yeah, the greens are fantastic, if you play them in the morning or the afternoon, they roll beautifully. It's all about finding the lines and the pace.

Q. Compared to courses in Europe, things dry out quickly here don't they?
PETER HANSON: That's the thing, I think they put a bit of water overnight. It is easy to get very brown but the greens are fantastic.

Q. Nice to have a light sleep tomorrow and get up a little bit later, wouldn't it?
PETER HANSON: Absolutely, going to be nice. Looking forward to it.

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