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January 22, 2010

Shane Lowry


SCOTT CROCKETT: Many congratulations on a very fine 65. Enjoyable and enviable position in the tournament, as well.
SHANE LOWRY: Yes, it's great to be in this position after a long winter. Good confidence over the start of the week and all parts of my game are well.
SCOTT CROCKETT: You played before Christmas in South Africa but not competitively until this week. Maybe a little bit of a surprise to got off to such a good start?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I suppose it is, but I just try to go out there and play as best I can and over the last couple of days, I played lovely and haven't made too many mistakes. Only made one bogey in two rounds, which is very unlike me.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Seven birdies today, if you can give us the details, if you can remember. The short hole, 12?
SHANE LOWRY: I hit a nice 6-iron in there to maybe 15 feet, 20 feet and holed a nice putt after missing. I missed two short putts for birdie on the first two holes inside five feet.
13, I hit it to five feet on the next and made birdie.
18, I hit driver, driver just short left of the green and hit a nice pitch to the to six feet and holed the putt.
1, I hit a good drive down the first and hit a h a perfect yardage for gap wedge and hit gap wedge to two feet.
2, I hit driver down and hit 3-wood to 60 yard short and hit a pitch shot to five feet and holed the putt.
6, I hit a nice drive in the fairway and hit a lovely 7-iron in to maybe eight feet below the hole and knocked it in.
The next hole, I hit a 5-iron and pulled it to the left side of the green, 40 feet, 50 feet or so, just trying to get it in close and managed to go in.

Q. What would represent a good week for you?
SHANE LOWRY: Obviously a win, but I'm just going to go out and try to play as best I can, but that's all I can do and all I can ask for for myself. You know, if I win -- wherever I finish, it's the best I could have done this week and I'm going to try my best and see what happens from there.

Q. You look so comfortable out there now. Looking back, what is the difference between you and the player now and the player last May who turned professional, and how much do you think the decision to turn professional straight out after the Irish Open has been justified?
SHANE LOWRY: To be honest, you know, since the 3 Irish Open, I have started to practise a lot more, and I think I'm seeing the benefits from it now. My swing has become a lot neater and a lot tidier and a lot less bad shots in there. So it's just more consistent. That's what I've been working on since last May, consistency.
The last six months was a great thing for me. It's great to get those six months under my belt and that experience will stands me good stead over the next six and my career.
Mentally, even though I won the 3 Irish Open, you start thinking to yourself, am I supposed to be out there, am I not supposed to be out there, and that just gave me, I suppose, made me work harder and try and get better. Because obviously I knew at Baltray I was good enough. I just have to try and when I play badly to achieve a better score and to be more consistent as I said.

Q. Is your instinct not to practise and do you worry that you can overpractise or overanalyse your swing?
SHANE LOWRY: It's just you're saying to yourself, when I'm practising -- when you start to get bored, come on, let's go for a drink or something -- not an alcoholic one mind you. I found kind of what my -- I found how much I need to practise and my routine before tournaments and during a tournament.

Q. When you turned professional, had you sought any advice and who gave you the advice --
SHANE LOWRY: There wasn't a lot of people giving me advice. But when people ask me what is the best advice you've been given -- as you go along, I suppose one of the best piece of advice was I was told to enjoy myself and just it's a great job and work hard and enjoy yourself doing it and you'll do all right.

Q. Who told you that?
SHANE LOWRY: I'd prefer not to say.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Well done, Shane. Thanks very much for that and good luck tomorrow.

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