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January 22, 2010

Alex Prugh


DOUG MILNE: Well, Alex, thanks for joining us today after your 64 yesterday, backed it up with a 6-under 66 today. Obviously still got the mojo going. So just talk about the round today and obviously weather's been a big factor this week and just kind of how you are feeling as we're heading into the weekend.
ALEX PRUGH: Weather's definitely been a factor, obviously. We didn't play yesterday.
Today's round was kind of an interesting one. I just, fortunately, didn't have any bogeys. But I kind of started off the round with probably the most stressful up-and-downs I had to make for par. First hole being long, short sided in that bunker and I'm like, "Great." Matted down bunkers in the rain and I thought that I'll just slap this one out there and I made a great putt for par there.
Fortunately I played the par-5s pretty well, making an eagle on 18 there. That was kind of the highlight of my round there, birdieing 17 and 18, playing those two holes in a total of five shots. Those don't add up to very much.
But besides that I made a great up-and-down on the last hole. I was long, right after hitting the fairway bunker and had to hit a really nice, hit a great chip to have a 6-footer there for par.

Q. How are the conditions, just sitting out in the middle of the fairway? It looked like on television and a couple of shots I saw out there there were little splashes whenever somebody hit an iron shot.
ALEX PRUGH: It's very wet. Actually I feel very fortunate. On the first hole, if it wasn't so wet I would have been in the water. Because I snap hooked it, I mean I hit a huge snap hook.
But then the next tee shot on the par-5, right when I hit it I was like, that should be perfect, and you saw this huge splash fly up. And I said, well, it looks like we'll be playing casual water.
Fortunately we're playing ball in hand and that eliminates a lot of that question. You give your self a good lie and get away from the mud balls, but there's a lot of water out there.

Q. Did you take casual water at any time during the round?
ALEX PRUGH: A couple times early. I think like twice on 11, I think, the par-5. On my second hole of the day I was in the fairway and before I know it there was water coming up half practically to my ankle.

Q. What about the greens?
ALEX PRUGH: To me actually I never had any problem with the greens. The only thing I thought was, I mean, you sit there and take a 7-iron and throw it out there and know it wasn't going to be releasing.
Water-wise, there wasn't any trouble. No casual water that I found. There might be now with all this downpour we're getting.
I think the biggest factor of that was just having to control your wedge shots a little bit. There's definitely a couple times where I was 105 yards and grabbed a pitching wedge instead of a normal stock gap wedge, so.

Q. How much harder is it going to be for the guys who are finishing now? Are you glad you're in here?
ALEX PRUGH: I'm very glad. I don't know how many more people are out there, because I was the last person off on my side. So there can't be many more groups out there.
I think it is pouring out there right now, but I think they're probably more worried about darkness.

Q. What did you do yesterday?
ALEX PRUGH: What did I do yesterday? Slept in for awhile, got a text message, watched some TV, got another text message saying we're done. Got a call from Josh, another player out here, asking if I wanted to go to a movie. So we went and watched the Book of Eli.

Q. Was it entertaining?
ALEX PRUGH: It was. It was a definitely a lot better than sitting out playing golf in the pouring rain.
DOUG MILNE: Thanks for coming in, best of luck on the weekend.
ALEX PRUGH: All right. Thank you.

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