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November 13, 1999

Juli Inkster


JULI INKSTER: I birdied 7. I hit 6-iron about 12 feet and made that for birdie. I 3-putted 8, had about a 25-footer. Knocked it about four feet by and made that. 9 was -- I hit it down the middle, and I laid up in the right water and had to take a drop, and I took a drop on the right side hit it on and 2-putted; so I made six. So I'm heading backwards. 10, I hit a good drive and hit a good 7-wood about pin-high and knocked that by about four feet and made that for birdie. Then 12, I hit a good drive and I hit pitching wedge about a foot and a half and made that for birdie. 16, I hit 9-iron about 15 feet above the hole and made that for birdie. 17, I hit 8-iron about 15 feet and made that for birdie. Overall, I hit 17 greens, but I didn't hit the ball as close as I have been hitting. I thought I drove the ball a lot better on the back side than the front side. But, you know I was very surprised to be back in the race. I saw the way Se Ri was playing I thought she would run away with it. I'm very happy to be where I am right now. We've got a lot of great players. It's going to be probably just the way a TOUR Championship should be, coming down to the wire.

Q. You seem to have embraced all of the notoriety this year, much more so than other people and have dealt with it better, is that because --?

JULI INKSTER: I think that a lot of people handle notoriety pretty good. I think I appreciate everything that's happened to me. You know, I don't really take anything for granted. I think -- I think I worked hard to get back to where I'm at, and trying to enjoy it. I don't know, I'm hopefully mature enough to handle it. The hardest thing is time management and I'm learning how to do that better.

Q. What was that like on the back nine?

JULI INKSTER: It was a boost when I went to 5-under. And I asked Greg going down 10, or maybe it was 11 -- it seems like every time I look at one of those leader boards, I've always missed the first page and it takes forever to get it around to the second page, or get it all the way around back to the first page. So I said, "Where are the leaders at?" He says, "Well, 10-under is leading this thing." I think that gave me a little boost. Even though I birdied 10 and I'm at 6-under, I haven't really made a move, but I've picked up three shots. So it kind of gave me a little light at the end of the tunnel to just kind of hang in there, and maybe if I make some birdies coming in, I might have a shot.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JULI INKSTER: Yes. I love my position. It's going to be very tough tomorrow, playing, but I think it's going to be fun, too. I think maybe I'll play with Karrie. Not quite sure -- we've kind of had a battle all year; so it's going to be fun.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I had food poisoning Wednesday, Wednesday night. It was really Thursday morning.

Q. What did you have?

JULI INKSTER: I had the veal parmigiana. I don't recommend it.

Q. Playing will Karrie, is that better so you can keep an eye on her?

JULI INKSTER: But I'm not playing Karrie. Lorie Kane is up there and Laura Davies could shoot 6-under without even blinking on this golf course. Se Ri can come back with a good round, Janice Moodie came back. It's not Juli Inkster and Karrie Webb. There's a lot of good players up there that can win. And, you know, Karrie is in a great position. She needs to play her own game, and I have to win and I have to play my own game. But I really enjoy playing with Karrie because she is such a great player. I have to win to get Player of the Year ^ .

Q. (Inaudible.)

JULI INKSTER: If I don't win, I've had a great year. This is all icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Winning the U.S. Open and getting in the Hall of Fame this year is two major hurdles for me. Player of the Year would be great, but, you know, I didn't put much pressure on starting this week, and I'm just going to try to keep playing the way I'm playing.

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