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January 20, 2010

George McNeill


GEORGE MCNEILL: Coming from Hawaii didn't play very well there and I just basically wanted to get out and, I don't know, put some birdies together and see what happened.
The weather conditions being a little cool and a little windy weren't super favorable for scoring, but obviously there's a lot of good scores out there. I wasn't the only one. I don't know. It's probably one of the better ones, but still.

Q. Yeah, it's low for here.
GEORGE MCNEILL: Low for here? Well there's a lot of low scores at the other courses. So I was just happy to get going.

Q. How do you manage playing these rounds out here when you know that anybody at any course can go so low. Are you inclined to play more aggressive because you know you need to make more birdies?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Yes and no. You got to remember that starting with today you have four rounds of golf. So if you make a bogey, you can make it up real quick. The thing is you want to avoid making doubles and anything worse than that.
You know if you make a bogey you can make it up. So that's not too -- you don't want to press too hard from the get go.

Q. Is there anything in particular that was working for you today in your bag?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Just managed real well. I kept the ball for the most part in play. I remember one hole on number, my 11th hole, number 2, I hit it way off to the right behind a tree and I had to pitch it out. But then I got up-and-down for par from about 80 yards.
So that kind of kept my round going and actual really gave me a little boost to finish the round off strong.

Q. Your approaches, were the greens pretty soft, could you fire at flags?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Yeah, you could go right at the flags. The greens, it would take one hop and stop. So they were very soft, but obviously with all the rain that we had, that's what you expect.
And we were playing lift clean and place. It wasn't that bad today, but it's going to probably get a little worse, I guess, the weather forecast for tomorrow. And so I don't know, we'll see.

Q. Can momentum carry over in terms of you had a great round today, tomorrow might be stop and go, might be rained out, is it sort of a bad time for the rain to come for you?
GEORGE MCNEILL: It is what it is. I don't really try and pay too much attention to that. This golf course compared to -- I think I play SilverRock tomorrow -- this course compared to that is almost opposite. That course is long, this course isn't very long. You can get away with hitting some irons and some fairway woods off the tee here.
Over there you basically got to bust driver on every hole because it's a long golf course. I'll have a lot of probably mid and long irons into greens because the ball's not going to roll anywhere.
So it's nice to play well and nice to get off to a decent start, but in regards momentum and everything else, I mean, yeah I would like to keep playing right now, but if we don't, that's all right. I don't mind a day off either.

Q. Do you like that they have added this course to the rotation?
GEORGE MCNEILL: I've always liked this golf course.

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